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How can iCopify be the best choice for your content writing?

We work on your content so that the effort that you and we do can be presented openly. Our team of writers and editors brings full transparency between the content and the reader to build a long-term connection.

You may not need to spend a lot of time researching since you can outsource to content writing companies. It is an easy way to mark done one task from your to-do list.

How does our content team work?

Receiving order

You select one of our content writing services and provide us some details about your business, product/services, and competitors. Complete transparency between your and our views! There you submit your content order, and here we proceed!

Deep analysis and research

Our content team thoroughly analyses your business and frames a unique voice and tone. Based on that, we research the most demanding topic. Analyzing the audience to keep in mind its perspective, we fit in your prospective customer’s shoes!

First draft and Proofreading

Our writers sit with their researched notes in a distraction-free environment. After our expert writing team creates informative and engaging content, there comes the role of our copy editors. They proofread and edit the content to make it a well-tailored piece.

Approval and Updating

Then, as we value your approval, we share the content with you to ask for any revisions you want. After completing it as per needs, we finally update the content live to generate new or nurture your existing leads.

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