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WordPress installation

Our WordPress Installation Process

We get you started on your WordPress journey with the following three-step plan.


More than half the web runs on WordPress. Come, join the big league and get going places.

Template Installation And Configuration

WordPress offers a number of themes and templates you can customize to create your website. We do the heavy lifting for you and ensure that your website becomes the best in your niche.

Plugin Installation And Configuration

WordPress has a huge range of plugins to choose from. However, not all plugins are created equal, and many may pose severe security risks. As your preferred WordPress partner, we choose the best and safest plugins for you so that your site doesn’t face any problems.


We will require full access to your website hosting if the domain is pointed, if not we will require access to the domain as well.  FTP access is also necessary in some cases of customization

The normal time period required for WordPress installation is between 2-4 hours. It might take longer for customization and any complex changes.

The cost of WordPress installation is $75

We provide all kinds of support and help for you to create new pages on your website, and more support to effectively understand the working of your WordPress website.

Once the website installation is complete, we will provide all the details required for you to access the website and load all your content on your website pages.

Yes, it is necessary to provide the template of your choice and the demo link you might have used before you purchased the template. Template modification is not part of the installation process.

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