There are 8 steps on how we do our service with you.

Step 1 – Let us know which type of explainer video you want to go with and if you would like to pay 50% upfront.
Step 2 – Fill out our creative brief questionnaire. This will allow us to understand your goals and write your script

Step 3 – Your requirements will be reviewed by the review team.
Step 4 – Video scripts will be written by our writers and sent to you for approval.
Step 5 – After the script is approved, our creative team will create the storyboard sketch and send it to you for approval.

Step 6 – Next, a voice over is recorded by one of our professional Voice Over Talent and sent to you for approval.
Step 7 – Once that is approved, the video production is completed and sent to you for approval.
Step 8 – After all of the above is approved by you, the final video is made and delivered (we offer UNLIMITED Revisions).

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