Tricks in Finding Story Ideas When Making a Great Animated Video

Great Animated Video

A great animated video comes from a great video script. But, a great video script comes from the brilliant ideas of the scriptwriter.

Therefore, there is no great video if there is no brilliant scriptwriter.’

A Simple Overview

So, how does a scriptwriter writes the story? One of the first and most important steps in creating a video is the scriptwriting.

Whether a video is a full-length motion picture or short training video, it must have a storyline. It’s the backbone of the video.

If the script is well-written, everything follows smoothly.

But where is the starting point of all these? Read more to learn more.

Animated Video Script

Finding the Right Story Ideas

Writing is never easy. Writing a good story is even harder. Video script writing is the same to writing a movie script. It all comes from the ideas of the writer.

The person needs to use his talent, skills, and imagination to create a good story that will play a very important role in making a video.

However, is finding ideas for a video script a very easy thing to do? No, it isn’t.

Level of Difficulty

Even professional writers spend the time to think and create a story because coming up with ideas is always hard.

When a person faces an empty white page, it starts to freak out the writer.

So before he gets to start writing down some words, fear has possibly prevented the ideas from coming out.

There are no more chances of making a great animated video because the starting point is already a failure to consider.

Writing A Script for A Great Animated Video

A writing task becomes tougher if it intends to create a great animated video. Animated video is the same with explainer video or whiteboard video. These videos have a limited time.

They are usually short in length. Its main purpose is to easily catch the attention of the target audience. If the video is too long, it will bore the viewers which will surely drive them away.

Therefore, writing has restrictions, limitations, rules, and boundaries.

So how can you possibly let out of all your short animation ideas if you are bounded with regulations?

Come Up with the Right the Story Ideas

How to Write a Script for a Great Animated Video?

Writing can be a difficult task to accomplish especially if you are not a professional. However, writing is a talent that can be trained. There is a writer in every one of us.

Yes, there is a writer inside you. All you need is to believe in yourself. You can think. Therefore, you have the ideas. Those simple animation ideas are what you need to create your perfect story for a great animated video.

Here are some of the most important tips that you might want to consider.

Your Guide to Writing


Planning can be applied to anything that we do in this life. Yes, and that includes writing. Before you start converting those ideas into letters, PLAN.

What is the main idea of the story? What is your goal in making the story?

These are two of the many questions that you have to answer before you start writing. These will guide you in tracking down the right way.

You need to create a story that will bring your audience to where you want them to be. So when you’re lost, you are misleading your audience as well.

Therefore, create the best plan. It should incorporate all the most important details that your story needs.


It is the summary of your story. From start to finish. An outline is divided into headings and subheadings which are very useful in writing.

It will serve as a written guide to what you need to write. The story has its own sequences. These scenes should be organized to make sure that the story is well-delivered.

Your outline will show you your main points and your supporting points. You will easily find the ideas you need if you have a great outline.


Know your limitations when writing. For example, you write stuff about kids. You cannot include adult stuff ideas in your story. It’s totally misleading.

You have to know your limitations because it will give you all the ideas about a certain topic or issue.


Choose your words. It will also depend on what type of story you are trying to write. Make sure that your ideas and your words will match.

You have to connect them to create the best phrases and deliver the message well.


After writing your outline and knowing the limitations and the right words to use, you have to start focusing on what you will be writing. Keep your focus on the main idea.

It is the topic that you are about to discuss, explain or promote. If it is about a product, focus on that product. When you are able to focus, you will find all the ideas that you need.

Because you know where you are heading exactly.


Since you are writing a script for an animated video, you have to include the transitions in your story. Remember, your time is limited.

You have to end up with the brilliant timing of the transitions. It will help you find more ideas as well. Because you know when to change and retain a scene. It’s all in there.


In a great animated video comes a great dialogue. Write a good dialogue. It is one of the most important ideas that you have to focus on.

Again, an animated video has a time limit. You have to create an interesting dialogue that will easily catch the attention of your viewers.

Be sure that each of the characters has a unique voice. It will be a lot easier for your audience to identify.

When your the characters are clear to them, they can easily relate to your story. Your video is going to be effective then.


Do not write in just one sitting. There could have been ideas that are missing. Or sometimes you might have overdone your writing.

It is always best to readback and does some edits if necessary. Those revisions will make your story more compromising.

Effective Writing Means Effective Video

Your writing skills matter. If you do not consider yourself as a pro, there are options.

First, try to consider all the suggestions above. Those are steps that you can easily follow.

So why hesitate? You have a clear guide now, it is time to try them and prove to yourself.

If you want to create a great animated video, your writing should be effective.

Ask For Professional Help

There is help available. When it comes to writing, we have professional writers out there who write scripts for short videos and film production.

All you need is to find the expert who will value you as the client. Someone who will value your goals. Your script is a foundation of your video. Therefore, strength should be there.

You have your purpose.

Whatever your purpose is, the end point is to get a great animated video.

A great video means the future of your dreams and aspirations. 

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