How to Write the Perfect Animated Explainer Video Script

Animated Explainer Video Script

The key to a successful animation explainer video is a well-written script. However, not everybody knows how to write a perfect animated explainer video script. Let us now know the answers on how to write a script for a video by reading this article.

A video script is the strong foundation of the entire video creation process.  It plays a very important role when it comes to knowing what the video is going to be about. If you are considering on investing in an animated video explainer for whatever purpose, learn the basics.

If you have personal knowledge about explainer videos, things are going to be easy for you.

Animated Explainer Video Script

What is Video Scripting?

A video is like a movie. It needs a script to deliver a story. The explainer video script organizes the scenes and plots of the video. It is the written output of how the video will be conveying its message to its audience. 

It gives the idea when to apply the different video techniques like the transitions and movement of the characters. When it comes to product videos, the video script must be able to showcase a problem that leads to the solution.

It is the introduction of the product, service or brand. A compelling script is the starting point of defining solid impressive animated characters of the video.

Animation Script Format

When creating an animated explainer video, here is what you need to remember. Your video is an explanatory video. It is not just about the colorful characters, music, and audio. It is not just about the video techniques and strategies that you will be using.


Your explainer video must be able to explain its real essence. It is must be able to answer the what’s and how questions that will be popping up from people’s minds.

These viewers can be your target audience who can be potential leads. A good video needs a good script that describes your business to drives more sales.

Tips for Writing a Perfect Animated Explainer Video Script

Good Animated Explainer Video Script Focus on 4 Simple Things:

  1. The Problem – Make sure that your audience can relate by showing them the problem.
  2. The Solution – Show them that the solution to the problem lies in your product.
  3. How It Works – Explain to your audience that your product is easy to use and is very effective.
  4. The Call to Action – Encourage your viewers to choose your product, service or brand.

Always Focus

Prioritize Your Audience’s Interest

You are creating an animated explainer video with a good animated explainer video script because you want to communicate to your audience. However, there are some people who mistakenly address their videos to the wrong people.

Avoid that thing to happen. You are wasting your video if you are committing that kind of mistake. Therefore, you are wasting your money, time and effort. Focus on your audience. Put yourself as the one who needs the product or service. What would you need to know?

Make your audience understand that they cannot buy anything they want. Tell them that what they need is your product or service. If you overlook your audience’s problem, it can cause a big negative effect on your video. And that could mean a big failure.

More Explainer Video Ideas

Show Clear Benefits, Not Feature

People are more interested in the benefits that they can get from what they buy or avail. They are less interested in the features of the product or service.

What the viewers want to know is a clear advantage that they can enjoy. Customer satisfaction is always one of the most important things that a seller, company or business needs to offer. 

So instead of showing nonsense things, tell people how your product or service is going to make their lives better. Your animated explainer video script has to be simple but information-rich content.

Additional To Consider

What Makes a Perfect Animated Explainer Video Script

Get Some Help

Hiring the Professional Animated Explainer Video Script Writer

Professional script writing is important. This type of service is becoming more popular today. Many businesses want to make sure that they are giving their best shot when it comes to video creation.

It is due to the fact that the competition to whatever industry you belong is becoming tighter. If you hire a professional video creator and a professional animated explainer video script writer, you are doing the right thing. Writing an explainer video script sample is not easy.

It can be a complex thing for many people. If you think you need help, no more hesitations. Get the help you need.

Choose the Right Animated Explainer Video Company

Be careful when choosing a video creation company to hire. Whether you need an explainer video, animated explainer video or video creation service, you must be sure that you are hiring the right team.

Not all companies are licensed to provide such service. Choose the service that can reach your expectations. Doing a little background check is not bad. Ask their former clients for referrals. Do not forget to ask for a clear quote.

A good video creation service does not need to be expensive. Know the right standard pricing for your personal knowledge.

Business Effect

Video marketing is undeniably embraced by millions of people. Many studies and research have been done to prove such claim. Statistics clearly show how many businesses succeed because they were able to create an amazing and effective video for their trade.

With the help of these animated explainer videos, you can easily find your target audience. You can easily find leads and convert them into customers. Without any video, your business will never be able to compete. It is one reality that you need to realize.

Therefore, if you want to succeed, you need to take into consideration, creating one or more explainer videos for your products or services.

Do Not Forget

Your Animated Explainer Video Script Matters

You do not have to be an expert to write a good animated explainer video script. By simply using your imagination, your goal and dreams for your business, you can bring them down into letters.

Writing is going to be easy if you know where exactly you want to go to. In the event that you are not confident with it, there are people who can help. These are expert animated explainer video script writers who can provide you the services that you need.

Working with the right people will give you the assurance that you are heading the right way towards your business’s success.

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