5 Powerful Tips When Making 90 second Explainer Videos

90 second Explainer Videos

Undeniably true, explainer videos are ubiquitous today. Indeed, these videos are everywhere and no one can argue about that. They’re becoming more and more popular not only to few countries but worldwide. To those who are wondering why, question no more. This article will show you amazing facts about explainer videos and what 90 second explainer videos are all about.

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Basic Knowledge

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short animated video. It focuses on explaining an idea on any topic.

Since this type of video is short in length, it aims to explain in a simple yet very engaging and compelling way.

It targets to relay and send the message clearly for the people to have a full grasp of understanding on what the video is all about.

Explainer videos are both educational and informational. It is an easy and fast way to tell a story.

Business Purposes

Today, explainer videos are very popular among many marketers all over the world. These people are fully aware of the great benefits that these types of videos have to offer.

So here are the three main areas where explainer videos can give a strong impact to a business.

  1. Engagement Rate
  2. Conversion Boost
  3. Productivity

If you are after your business’s success, you are surely going to fall for an explainer video marketing strategy investment. Why not? If it has proven its power to many businesses, then your business can benefit from it as well.

The Best Length

90 Second Explainer Videos

Talking about explainer videos, we know the time is limited. It should be short in length. 90 second explainer videos is the most popular length.

It’s what they consider as the standard explainer video length. It is not too long or not too short for an explainer video. 90 seconds can be good enough to say everything.

From defining the problem to presenting the solution, it should be the best seconds to consider.

Since you only have 90 seconds, it is very important clearly relay the message that you want your viewers to understand.

It could be tough to someone who is not an expert. However, there are so many ways to overcome that.

Making 90 Second Explainer Videos

5 Tips to Consider

1. Write a Killer Script

The script is the soul of the video. It is where the emotion, the truthfulness, and sincerity of the message comes from.

A well-written script plays a vital role in the success of 30 second videos or 90 second explainer videos.

It is the strongest foundation of any type of video. Whether you are writing an animated explainer video or whiteboard explainer video, you have to write a killer script.

Writing an outline is important to check if there are lacking information.  Also, the script should have a good flow of the sequences to present an idea comprehensively.

Writing an explainer video script can be tougher because of the limited time. But, there are so many ways to make short yet crystal clear.

2.  Simplicity of the Video

The very secret to a clear explainer video is to keep it simple. Consequently, always direct to the point. Know what to focus on. When it comes to the main issues that you have to tackle, check on these three things:

Use those three main areas to guide you. You have to present each of them quick and clear. Do not overdo the scenes. It will just confuse your audience.

3. Use a Professional Voice

The clarity of the video’s over is very important. It is vital to ensure that the person who will do the voice over has a clear and soft tone of voice.

Not everyone has that kind of voice, therefore, it something that should be given importance. It is also crucial to use the language that the target audience will understand.

A careful and thorough study would be needed to get the right information. Today, there are professional voice-overs that we can hire anytime.

These are people with good voices and who know how to speak for an explainer video. So, that is something that you have to consider because that would add up to your budget.

4. Choose the Best Images

Having a polished voice-over is not all. The visuals are also very significant in 90 second explainer videos. Use the right images based on the characters that you will be using.

However, you have to keep the colors vibrantly simple. Too much color or less color will not help. The artist should know how to do the images perfectly.

The images are very big factors when it comes to deciding whether or not to watch an explainer video. If you are going to use royalty images, pick the most relevant pictures.

Do not be overwhelmed with the wonderful images that you will find. Remember, it’s not just about the picture but it’s about the relevance to the story.

5. Spread Positivity

When you try to promote your business using 90 second explainer videos, try to pull out some humor. It’s not bad at all.

In fact, it has been proven to be very effective in grabbing someone’s attention. If you are able to make a person smile, it could give the person the positivity of life.

Which could lead to a possible like, comment and share of your video. A good humor can help but be sure your video will not look like a GIF or memes.

There is a great difference. Be truthful. Show your audience your sincerity to help and not just to sell. Your intention is much more important than your features.

How Your Business Can Benefit?

90 Second Explainer Videos are Amazing

If you are having problems in converting leads to sales, or you are starting to lose your productivity, making 90 second explainer videos will help a lot.

These are great tools in encouraging people to know you and your intention, your business, your products, and services. The best thing about explainer videos is their cost efficiency.

You will not need to spend thousands of dollars to create a great marketing plan. All you need is a decent script, the voice, the right flow and some humor. As easy as that.

Professionals Can Help

You do not have to worry if you are not a talented videographer. There are so many great explainer video companies today. You can hire them anytime.

Hiring a brilliant explainer video company can be the answer to your worries and hesitations. You can contact them now. They have their websites for your initial inquiries.

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