What Is An Explainer Video?

What Is An Explainer Video

Today, it is true that the traditional marketing efforts are slowly diminishing.

More and more marketers have proven the effectiveness of video marketing in different aspects.

Because of that, the video production industry makes use of this great opportunity.

They create more types of videos and one of the most popular video styles is the explainer video.

To learn more about this type of video, here is an explainer video clear description that you should know.

Learning The Basic

What Is An Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short animation video.

Its main purpose is to explain an idea in a short but very comprehensive way.

It simplifies complicated messages and relays to people for easier understanding.

Viewers find this type of video more compelling and engaging because it does not bore them.

Video explainers use concise language because it is more attractive and appealing to audiences.

They easily catch a person’s attention for viewing.

Those are just some of the many reasons why an explainer video is undeniably popular.

Explainer Video Clear Description

An In-Depth Knowledge

An explainer video is not an ordinary video.

It is a visual communication tool that opens wider opportunities when it comes to sending messages globally.

The world is growing more complex.

People continue to search for simpler things that would make them feel life is still simple to live.

Therefore, explainer videos are modern communication tools that bridge the gap between complexity and simplicity of understanding each other’s ideas and visions.

A Higher Level of Explanation

In this very present time, it is safe to say that the modern world has these explainer videos that transform people’s way of explaining and receiving messages in a more rational way.

It is educational.

The business world is open to this reality.

It is the reason why more and more businesses use video marketing as their strong foundation for brand awareness and trade promotion.

Proven effective lead to sales conversion, an explainer video helps a person solve a problem by simply watching a short video clip.

Explainer Videos Stand-Out

The Popularity of Explainer Videos

There are different kinds of videos.

But everybody is aware that explainer videos are more popular because of its enormous presence on the web and even in the mainstream media.

The video production industry recognizes the advancement of this video style among others.

However, not all people understand even those who always watch videos.

For easier comprehension, it is essential that you learn about the best and unique characteristics of an explainer video.

More Explainer Video Clear Description

Explainer videos use animation of a person or people.

Because of that, the audience can easily relate to what the message is all about as they are able to put themselves into the situation.

It makes the relationship more than a ‘video-to-viewer’ bond.

There is an instant connection that helps an individual think critically which will eventually lead to the solution of a problem.

That is truly a sincere help to consider.

When people watch explainer videos, they feel happy and at ease.

They are not bored because most of the explainer videos are humorous and funny to watch.

When a video brings a smile to its audience’s face, it makes more sense for viewers to believe what the video is trying to say.

Explainer videos are short but very straightforward.

It can be a minute or less than a minute video but the content is rich with information that is enough to relay a message clearly.

It will not bore its audience instead it will attract more people to watch because it is a short informative piece of visual and audio communication tool.

One of the best explainer video clear description facts is knowing the target audience of the video.

For whom is the video?

It is important to know what kind of people will be watching your videos.

Knowing your audience is knowing their problems.

Knowing their problems will give you the lead on what to provide to them through your service or product.

Explainer videos use animated characters which are truly fun to watch.

According to psychologists, when a person watches animated or cartoon characters, they go back to their younger days.

It’s a positive feeling that encourages a person to watch the video.

Explainer videos are cost-effective.

Therefore, it is not difficult to create one high-quality video because there is less to spend on the video production.

Compared to branded videos, an explainer video does not have complicated technicalities which is easier to produce under quality videography.

You can label an explainer video as a simple communication tool because it can easily deliver a message that people easily understands as well.

Since explainer videos are inexpensive, the video owner can spend more on hiring a professional voice-over for a high-quality and clear voice.

Since it is an explainer video, delivering the message in a clear voice is crucial.

Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of brand building. You have to create a brand that is appealing in the people’s eyes.

Explainer videos can easily highlight a brand by using vibrant and quality colors that can surely catch a person’s attention.

An explainer video can give a brand the look and feel identity which is a plus compared to a whiteboard video that uses white and black color most of the time.

The background music is very important because it brings life to the video.

Explainer videos can easily use the best music available because of the royalty-free music available.

Business Benefits

Great News for Small and Big Businesses

Explainer videos are everywhere. It is easy to invest in video marketing today.

Therefore, creating your own explainer video is not going to be a difficult process. You should not hesitate.

Explainer videos have a lot of benefits that businessmen like you can enjoy. Understanding the process is easy.

What you have read above already gave you the idea and proper insight regarding this amazing video style.

Easy Lead-to-Sales Conversion

If you own a business, you aim for high productivity.

That is possible if you can easily get leads and convert them into sales.

Statistics also show that explainer videos are one of the most effective tools in converting leads to actual sales because they can easily encourage viewers to believe on what the video is trying to imply.

Explainer videos compared to other types of videos are more encouraging as they have a more professional look.

Explainer Videos are Amazing

Online Visibility Booster

Explainer videos combine visuals and audio to create one great communication tool that everybody can benefit.

Therefore, there is no reason for you to still hesitate.

If the others did and they succeed, you too CAN! So what are you waiting for?

Find the best explainer video company that can cater your video marketing needs.

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