Where and How to Promote YouTube Videos

Promote YouTube Videos

Why is it important to promote YouTube videos?

Okay, so here’s a situation.

You recently made a great YouTube video and posted it online. You take good care of it. As the owner, you made sure that the video is perfect. It has a nice length.

The topic is effective and is truly compelling. The video quality is top-notch.  HOWEVER, its viewing and engagement rate is too low. So what’s the problem?

It is most probably because nobody is looking at it. Yes, you read it right. Nobody is looking at your video simply because you lack the effort. Your video depends on you. You should be the one making the first step towards its promotion.

Another question might have popped up in your mind right now. ‘Where and how to promote YouTube videos?’ You are lucky. You just found this amazing article.

Here, you will learn a lot of essential things about why you need to promote YouTube videos. So keep on reading to gather all the answers to your questions.

Have A Clear Goal

Setting Your Video Up For Success

We all know the definition of a successful YouTube video. But the problem is, how to make your own YouTube video a success as well?

It is not easy to create an explainer video and tomorrow it gets millions of views. No, that does not work that way. That is the reason why there is a planning stage.

When creating a video, you have to follow a step-by-step process. It will guide you to where, when and how to begin. A good start could mean a longtime success for your video.


It is vital to plan before you start making any move. Ask yourself these following questions:

All these questions may take you time to answer. Therefore, you shouldn’t rush things just to start right away. Prepare yourself. That is the best way to prepare your video.

There are people who can help. It is always advisable to seek professional assistance or services if you are clueless or is hesitating in making your decisions.

Now, if your video is already up, to make it live is the best crucial step to take. So here is how.

Best Websites to Promote YouTube Videos

Where can you promote a YouTube video? The truth is, the best promotional platforms for your YouTube video are the ones that you are already using every day. Let us discuss them one by one.


It is no wonder why Facebook gets the first spot. Facebook is the second largest website on the internet. It has millions of members and active daily users.

On Facebook, you can find people from all walks of life. These people may have different reasons on why they use Facebook. But one thing is for sure, they can be a potential target audience for your video.

Also, Facebook has the like, comment and share features. Therefore, if your video is really great, there is a high possibility that it will gain a lot of reactions. Its shareability will increase which will help your video to circulate online.

In addition, Facebook allows tagging. Which means you can tag the most relevant stuff to reach the people you want to reach. Of course, the Facebook fan pages. It’s a great place where your audience can interact directly with you.


According to statistics,  YouTube videos that are posted on Twitter drive the highest views and engagement rating compared on any digital platform. Like Facebook, Twitter is also a very popular social media networking site.

It has millions of member and daily active users. Therefore, if you want to connect to your target audience, Twitter is a great place online. Twitter has an auto-play feature that enables videos to automatically begin while scrolling through their timelines.

Also, like Facebook it has a tagging, commenting, liking and sharing features.


Typically, Reddit is a platform that can be easy to use. However, Reddit has its own rules and self-promotion regulations. There are limitations that people should abide.

If you want a broader scope of promotion, Reddit may not be the best place where to promote youtube videos. But again, since Reddit also has a good number of users, reaching out people through its platform is not bad.

You can also find the best video subreddits where you can tag your video. Once you’ve chosen a couple Reddit pages, you are ready to go. What is best in Reddit is you can post your YouTube link directly. It is a good tactic to use especially if you want direct promotional campaign.


Tumblr is a social media network and a micro-blogging platform. Yes, from that information alone, one can safely say that Tumblr can be a good promotional tool for a YouTube video.

There is a lot of interaction on Tumblr. What you can do on Tumblr is easy. All you need is to embed videos and write a good description. Tumblr allows its users to upload multimedia and write short-form blog entries which can be very good source of information.

Basically, Tumblr is a lot like Facebook and Twitter but it allows more content. Therefore, do not forget to post and share your YouTube video on Tumblr. It’s a good online community for all types of marketing targets.

How to Promote YouTube Videos?

Here are some simplified ways on how to promote youtube videos. These are great tips that you should consider. They are proven to be effective.

  1. Create an interesting video title. Make sure that from your video title alone, you can already encourage people to watch what you’ve got for them.
  2. Tag your video. Use only unique branded tags. It will give you relevant videos which are a great thing.
  3. Use a custom thumbnail. Remember that a good video thumbnail helps you stand out in the related video. It will also make you appear in the video selection page.
  4. Focus on branding. Mention your brand in the start and end part of your video description.
  5. Share your video in the social media channels. Given above are the best websites where you can post your YouTube video.

Why Promote YouTube Videos?

To publicize your YouTube video is very important especially if it for your business. The main goal is to let people know about your product or service.

Making it circulate online is the fastest way to achieve a good promotional and advertising campaign. Indeed, it is one marketing strategy that you and your company need.

So, no more hesitations. If a video can help your business grow, make your own video and promote it. It’s a very simple yet effective friendly advice for you.


Creating a great YouTube video is important. But again, it is only half the battle. If you want to succeed, you have to exert more effort. Everything is almost given.

So there is no need to worry. All you can do is to prepare yourself ad follow the following tips and advices. You can be one of the many successful businessmen.

You just have to learn, realize and use the power of video marketing tools.

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