6 Things to Avoid When Creating a Whiteboard Explainer Video

Creating a Whiteboard Explainer Video

A whiteboard explainer video is a type of video that uses animated texts and characters.

It is also similar to a regular explainer video when it comes to length and production.

However, talking about popularity, there are more people who prefer to use whiteboard explainer videos.

For some reason, they find this video style as more effective, engaging and professional.

Whiteboard Explainer Video Production

Experts say that creating a whiteboard explainer video is much easier if you compare it to other branded videos.

However, there are some tricks and certain rules that a video creator should follow to make sure that he is creating a high-quality whiteboard explainer video.

If you want your video to bring positive changes to your brand, you have to undergo the proper process.

Why? Because quality the video matters a lot.

Before a person can tell something good about a whiteboard explainer video, he needs to have the right knowledge about videos and their qualities.

You cannot simply say that a video is good because it uses colorful images.

That is not the only basis, there are other factors to consider.

Here, you will learn basic yet very essential information about whiteboard explainer videos.

If you have a lot of questions in mind when it comes to whiteboard productions, this is the best article to read.

6 Things to Avoid When Creating a Whiteboard Explainer Video:

  1. The drawings do not connect to the video.

    Is this possible?

    Yes, it can happen.

    When an animator fails to connect the drawings to the video itself, it can mislead the audience’s understanding.

    Which means, if the video and the drawing do not connect, the audience to the video cannot connect as well.

    Connection is very important when it comes to understanding what the video is all about.

    Every image and scene must have the connection to see the clear flow of the video.

    Additionally, too many start-overs or draw-and-erasures. It can be bad for the video result.

  2. Using other colors for the background.

    No that is very wrong! It is crucial to use white because it is a whiteboard video.

    From the name of the video itself, it tells us what color of the main background we are going to use.

    Although there are whiteboard animated videos that feature other colors, the main color should be white.

    Do not confuse your viewers.

    Remember, a WHITEboard video is a video that depicts a person writing on a whiteboard using a black-inked pen.

  3. No ‘hand’ image.

    One of the best video ingredients and is a distinct feature of a whiteboard explainer video is the hand image.

    It attaches the viewers to the video. Experts say that the hand image emotionally connects to the people who are watching.

    It serves as a real person trying to explain something directly.

    There is charm in this particular technique.

    It is one good contributor why whiteboard explainer videos are popular.

  4. A very colorful video.

    A video creator should always remember that incorporating a lot of colors to a video will make it look funny if the video is clearly a whiteboard video.

    Whiteboard videos usually feature two primary colors only.

    These are white and black. White as the whiteboard and black, as the pen ink color.

    It is the standard form of whiteboard video that one should remember all the time.

  5. Lengthy

    As what we have mentioned above, a whiteboard explainer video is like other types of explainer videos that are short in length.

    It is one top characteristic of explainer videos and it also adds in making these videos popular.

    Whiteboard explainer videos are usually short video clips. It is less to bore its viewers.

    A video creator needs to think of ways on how to put everything in it despite the limited time.

  6. Not educational at all.

    When a video is not educational, it means the video is not informative.

    There is nothing new to learn from it.

    People are hungry for facts especially if they are educational and current news.

    It attracts the viewers to like, comment and shares the video. Whiteboard explainer videos are perfect for educational purposes.

    It is the reason why businesses use whiteboard videos.

    Because they can educate their viewers about what their product is all about.

After knowing what is the DON’TS when creating a whiteboard video, here are 3 of the most effective steps to remember when creating a whiteboard explainer video.

3 Steps to Creating a Perfect Whiteboard Explainer Video

  1. Create a clear storyline. This job is done when the video script is written. Be very careful when putting all the important details of the product or service that you are trying to describe. You might mix the information wrongly. Be sure to organize the facts and information that will make the video understandable.
  2. Put some humor. It is best if you try to make people smile by putting some humor in your video. Leaving a smile on a person’s face will make them remember your video.
  3. Use the best ‘Call to Action’. This is when you try to convince your viewers to believe in what your video says. It is when you try to encourage your viewer to trust and choose your brand. It is when you can convert leads to sales. So use the best out of this step.

Who Can Help

To Hire or Not to Hire Professionals

Is your video all about the product or service that your business is offering?

If yes, then you need some professional help.

What makes some people decide to just create their own video is because of the free video creation software that is available today.

However, the facilities are limited. It is very different to what professional video creators offer. 

If you are really eager in making your video work, it is best to entrust the video creation task to the experts.

Today, there are highly skilled video creation professionals who have teams of experts in video production.

With them, your dreams can come true. Your expectations will be beyond your imagination. 

Truly Cost Efficient

A whiteboard explainer video is cost-efficient.

Therefore, you do not need to fear expensive professional fees.

There are so many affordable video creation services that are legal and reliable.

All you need is the time to research. Do not settle to what you found first.

There are hundreds of them that you have to discover. Shortlist the best companies and make the best choice.

Simply the BEST

When it comes to effectiveness and popularity, whiteboard explainer videos are what you can trust. 

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