7 Great Copywriting Methods to Convert Leads into Customers

Convert Leads into Customers

Copywriting is everything that talks about your published articles, advertisements, jingles, flyers etc. So, this is your way to talk to the customers in the sense that you are promoting your brand and increasing brand awareness.

Therefore, all your published materials have a name. “COPIES”. But some don’t know that most people tend to overlook your copywriting. Either, they will become customers or they won’t.

You also have no way to tell if they will become customers with just copywriting. For this article, we will talk about copywriting methods to convert leads into customers.

As a copywriter, there are certain techniques or strategies that can significantly help you with conversions. It will be up to you how to monitor the conversions. But the hard part is, of course, your internal battle to turn your leads into customers.

Convince them to become buyers or customers with some of the advice I will provide. Although, I must say that I too, still have a lot of space for improvement regarding copywriting.

The journey leads go through to become customers is a long way. And most of them end up not becoming customers. A recent study by Unbounce stated that in 10,000 unique clicks, only an average of 30 become buyers and customers.

Now that’s a really big margin, also, you will have to use a huge budget to achieve that. So, my goal for this article is to help you as a fellow marketer and copywriter with this list.

7 Great Copywriting Methods to Convert Leads into Customers

Achieve brand position with copywriting.

Gaining the status Brand Position in your relevant industry will mean that you are the go to. And with that said, you will always be top-of-mind for customers that will have a relevant challenge they need to overcome.

That is something every marketer and copywriter solely need for their business to thrive. You can achieve this with good quality copywriting and I have written a useful article about it. This is a good copywriting strategy for lead conversion.

Let us go and use Apple, Inc as an example. Follow their copywriting technique to convince clients to buy. Their most prominent relevant industry is, of course, technology, Mac computers, and iPhones.

They have achieved a good brand position and even if they release an expensive product, they will still persuade a lot of people to buy. So they have achieved a new level of converting leads into customers.

All because of the status of a brand position. And you can definitely acquire a lot of ideas as a marketer from their strategies and techniques. This is one of the best copywriting methods to convert leads into customers.

So, with brand positioning, you will easily turn potential leads into customers with impressive copywriting. And a constant flow of leads and conversions is always good for any kinds of business.

Use a consistent tone with telling a story.

In selecting a tone, you will have a lot of options. You make the mood of your business and set it to like something exciting, emotional or hype boosting. The point of this is to trigger the emotions of your potential leads.

By empathizing with them and showing them that you know how they feel, they will understand you too. This is more of a discrete type of marketing because most will not notice that you are doing this.

Now, you can do this by citing certain examples and situations that are relevant to the problems of the people. For us, we empathize with people who have a problem increasing brand awareness and who have challenges explaining their brand.

What about you? Have you now thought of a tone and a story? If you have, then you must consistently use this as a strategy for your copywriting. This is really one of the best copywriting methods to convert leads into customers.

Plus, this will really show your customers that you know what you are doing. Because you have continued to give them the same info about your business.

Create people personas.

You can create people personas even before you start with your copywriting campaigns. The goal of creating people personas is so that you can fully understand which market or industry you will be categorized.

I mean, specifically, you will be able to target the right leads and customers by understanding their personas. You can collect personas by using tools like the customer relations management tool or by simply talking to them personally.

Personas refer to the personalities and careers of the business people you interact with. For example, you reading this article is a Brand Marketer and Promoter. With that specific persona, I know what you need and what you might need help in with regards to your marketing career.

I will be able to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for even if I don’t really sell or offer that kind of service or product.

With that explained, you can use this as one of the copywriting methods to convert leads into customers. Incorporate personas with your copywriting. Adjust to what they like, maybe you can start to offer other things that are relevant to your market and to your leads.

The realization here is that personas can drive you into giving the right service, or this case, copies to the right customers. And it can be perfectly compatible with copywriting.

Utilize stunning and interesting words.

This will take time, and you should probably not rush into achieving this technique. But as you go on as a professional copywriter or marketer, you will eventually get used to the tone and theme of your business.

All your stories will begin to make sense with how you want them to be. So give it some time. But remember to always utilize stunning and interesting words. Remember that copywriting refers to all the materials that are published by your brand.

So this mainly focuses on speeches, videos, text ads and email campaigns. Simply, words. So, be creative and always use original and rich content words.

Also, regarding your descriptions, information and quality promises, you must always repeat them. Incorporate interesting words and always repeat what you promise to be your quality for your offers.

Keep telling them what your strengths are with the material copies and real life situational examples. This will convince people that you are consistent and you really know what you are doing.

Plus, There is a saying that “To become one, you have to first act like one”. This goes for your copywriting as well. And that is one of the best copywriting methods to convert leads into customers. Convincing them is 50% of the battle and your words are your best weapon.

Prove that your copywriting is as good as delivery.

Convincing or converting them is a huge portion of the battle. And you can do so with quality copywriting. But don’t forget that in order to keep them as customers and possibly have them promote your brand, you have to do one important thing.

And that is to commit to your promises and deliver quality service and products. Ultimately, this will be what the customer will keep coming back for.

Furthermore, it can either be one of your top copywriting methods to convert leads into customers. Or it can be the one to greatly damage your business. Because if you don’t give the customer the quality that you promised, eventually, you will lose customers.

And that will greatly affect your business as a whole. In addition, your leads might get affected as well in the long run. Because your reputation ripples very fast across the internet.

So, a great copywriting method is to always give promises that you can keep. If you have a limit, which everyone does, then you have to own that limit and adjust. Keep on getting better and don’t rush and good things will come.

Always guide them to the starting line.

For leads to becoming customers and buyers, you have to guide them to the starting line. You can do this with copywriting. Just interlink your website or pricing page so that people will know how to get started.

Remember not to push a lot because this will force them and they might consider it as spam. Keep it relevant to your posts and incorporate this technique only when necessary.

You can use explainer videos to create a compelling call-to-action. Or incorporate this action into your social media posts like on Facebook and Twitter. Since you will have interested followers there.

The point is, you are not forcing them but instead, you are guiding them and you are letting them set their own pace. This will give them confidence and will not annoy them to a point where they will just disregard your copies.

So, there is a clear border between letting them decide and forcing them and you have to take notice of that. This is important for copywriters and marketers. And this is a very good copywriting strategy for lead conversion.

Learn from the feedbacks and adjust.

Part of your copies should be about surveys. These feedback systems will surely help you a lot for your future. Send your questions by any means you think is best. But what’s important in this technique is for you to receive feedbacks.

This will allow you to adjust and further improve in the future. This goes for your copywriting, marketing, and your business as a whole. So, don’t worry about negative or positive feedback.

Treat everyone’s opinion as constructive and you will surely adjust for the better. This is one of the best copywriting methods to convert leads into customers.

So there you go, remember to achieve a good brand position. Use stunning words to attract, engage and persuade. Prove quality service and of course, adjust for the better and you will surely be a top contender.

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