6 Great Ways to Transform your Customers into Investors for Your Business

Transform your Customers into Investors for Your Business

What are investments?

To invest means to provide and give someone, something. So that means that there are thousands of types of investments. But we will be reading about how to transform your customers into investors.

So, that basically means we will talk in business terms. Business investments are money and capital. Capital provided by investors in hope that it will return in double, triple or bigger than the original amount.

It will be up to the said business to use it for shares, property, development or technological research.

So what does it mean for a business to have investors? Well, to put it simply, it is the greatest opportunity for your business to become as big as it can get. It will depend on how you use that investment.

As a marketer, you should probably know that this is the biggest challenge for business startups. Mainly because most owners will not have a huge amount of capital at first.

It will be still up to you if you will look for investors or not. Also, this will still all begin from getting B2B Leads (Business to Business).

With that said, there is great risk in investing. To put it simply, you might lose all your money if the business fails. So investors are very cautious when it comes to this. They even hire consultants and specialist for additional insurance.

But they also know that there really are benefits that overshadow the risks. This is why there is competition in getting investors. For this article, we will study how to convert your loyal customers into eager investors.

6 Great Ways to Transform your Customers into Investors for Your Business

For a marketer, getting leads is the most important for their businesses to thrive and survive. Beyond that, they want to nourish and transform your customers into investors. This will be our topic for this article.

Achieve synergy with your team.

Synergy means the combination of two things or in this case, your team to achieve something greater. This means that if you achieve close to perfect synergy with your team, you will then achieve a better quality of service for your customers.

As a result, you will prevent problems with customers and avoid getting them being irate. Furthermore, you will be able to engage your customers to become investors. Mainly because this is going beyond customer service.

This is really important to transform your customers into investors. Especially for business startups, this is a big challenge to overcome. Because everybody is mostly new to the environment.

You can achieve synergy by setting up team buildings, talking to everyone or just simply inviting them over for lunch. The small details are very important to raise the morale and boost the confidence of the whole team.

Once you achieve this goal, everything will fall into its perfect places. Like for example, your marketer might get a lot of ideas on how to interact with different types of people.

Or your copywriter will have a better mindset which will cascade over to the articles or published materials to the potential customers. So it’s not just about getting investors, everything will have a positive outcome once you achieve synergy. But don’t forget to take your time and never rush this.

Have your copywriter proactively say that you are looking for investors.

This will be one of your main strategies to transform your customers into investors. It is an advertising strategy wherein your copywriter will discreetly promote your start-up company to potential investors.

Well, because all of your published materials and articles will have a chance to land on eager investors. So, tell your copywriter to proactively promote your brand in a way that you are telling investors that you need them. Just frankly tell that you are looking for investors, and soon enough, someone will be interested.

Just remember to never advertise about it too much. It will force them, rather, get your top customers to willingly invest. Just be prepared for the future challenges and learn most of the answers to their questions. Make sure that once you promise it, you will do it. Then, you will be fine.

Incorporate this strategy in your flyers, TV ads, Explainer Videos, Landing pages, Jingles, and etc. As long as it is a copy, if everything makes sense and it is a good opportunity, then take it to promote and look for investors.

So, to summarize it. Have your copywriter improve everything that is related to content marketing and incorporate this strategy.

Show the quality or performance of your brand.

Commitment is absolutely important when it comes to investors. This is what most might be looking for. So, if you really want to transform your customers into investors, then you must make sure that the quality of the product or service you sold them as a customer is consistent with your promises.

Yes, committing to your promises is one of the most important qualities investors are looking for. Because you have to keep in mind that they are going into the unknown.

If they choose you as a partner, then you have to prove to them that you will be worth the investment. This shouldn’t be really hard for most business owners. They just have to periodically perform quality checks and make sure that everyone is doing their jobs correctly.

Especially for startups where you can’t mess anything up yet during the first time. Although we will have mistakes in the future. Well, I’m just pointing out the fact that you need to establish a good foundation for your business to thrive. And quality is surely where you must start.

Explain to them how to achieve ROI.

Every business investor out there wants to see their investments grow to double or even triple, maybe more. The point is, no one wants to invest in a business that can’t show measurable data that they investments will be returned.

As a marketer or someone who is looking for investors, your job is to give them insight about their money and what will happen to it in the future.

I’m sure that even though you haven’t read this article, you will eventually see that every investor is willing to listen. Listen to the business plans, strategies, and data that you present them.

Because this will be their main resource to base their judgment. There are a lot of ways and tool you can utilize to get the data and information you need. One of them is a thorough feasibility study, another are surveying and maybe soft openings.

This will give them an idea and will attract investors naturally. So yes, show them that you have studied.

You might even help them by doing this. Because you will see for yourself if your business will have some flaws that need to be adjusted. So, in a sense, you are helping yourself and your partners.

Also, this will give them an idea about how long will the ROI be achieved. Building trust and giving confidence is important so always remember this if you want to revamp your customers to become avid investors.

You must tell them and have them understand the whole process of your business. This way, they will know every detail about how you use their investments. Convince them that you know what you are doing as a professional in that field. This is one of the best ways of returning the investments already.

Nourish your customers like you want them to be your partners.

Most investors don’t want to go with a company or a business that wants them just for their money. Because no one wants to be treated that way, generally speaking. As a professional, your job is to meet them on a professional and personal level.

You can start by creating events that will allow you to give seminars or meetings with your past customers. Or maybe you can even reward them in the end for being a loyal customer.

This way, you can build relationships with each of them. This is one of the best ways to transform your customers into investors. Also, meet with them individually and get a chance to know them. So instead of just the normal investor to a business relationship, you are treating them as partners.

Interaction is definitely something that will go a long way. So don’t forget to engage frequently, treat them as partners and meet them on a personal level. And of course, don’t forget that they are taking the risk of investing millions of capital for your business so that’s important.

Be honest to the questions of your potential investors.

If you give them your commitment and you are willing to make them as partners, then honesty must be a hundred percent. It is the main factor that will transform your customers into investors.

Be honest about the challenges you face. Like financial problems and hurdles. Tell them why you need investors in the first place. Because not all business start-ups need investors you know.

So the first thing that comes to their rich and influential minds is why you need investors.

Explain to them the whole business process and consistently update them with progress reports. Tell them about ROI, about the costs and everything else. Because remember that your goal is to make them as partners.

Well in a sense they will have a portion of the business as their own property now. And that’s totally fine.

Honesty will surely go a long way because you might need help in future. And your investors might be able to give you valuable information. And possibly, they might even be willing to spend more depending on how you treat them.

This goes for your potential investors as well. Or it can be your past customers because your main goal is to convert them. Once you have provided the quality service or product that they have wished. This is how you go beyond and transform your customers into investors.

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