Top 13 Reasons Why Wistia is the Best Video Hosting for Business

Wistia is the Best Video Hosting for Business

Having a video marketing strategy is crucial to a business. But before that, a marketer should learn the importance of choosing the best video hosting for business. Using the wrong video hosting platform can waste a good and high-quality video. Therefore, business owners should make sure that their product video is using the right video hosting service.

In the beginning, the video marketing world can be confusing to understand. But with the right knowledge, everything is easier to comprehend. Please continue reading this article to start gathering the right information you need. Here, you will also learn why Wistia is the best video hosting for business.

A Beginners Guide

What is Video Hosting?

Video hosting services are websites or software that allow users to upload and distribute their personal, business or royalty-free video clips. Because of that, people can watch these videos legally.

Video hosting platforms offer different kinds of services and online facilities. One can upload short video clips to full-length TV shows and movies. The video host will store the video on its server.

The video owner will then have the ability to enable different types of embedded codes and links. This is when other people are able to watch the videos.

The Importance of Choosing the Best Video Hosting for Business

Producing a video requires time, effort and money. When a video is created for brand awareness, it is important to make sure that the owner is using the right video hosting strategy. If not, everything can turn into waste.

Now, many people think that uploading videos on Youtube is already enough. That is a very common misconception about video marketing.

Youtube is a free video sharing website. It also allows people to view short video clips to full-length movies for free. However, Youtube is not as best as a video hosting platform. There is a huge difference which matters a lot when it comes to making a video popular.

Although there are many trending videos on Youtube, it is necessary to learn what other video hosts can do for a video.

Wistia as the Best Video Hosting for Business

Why You Should Host Your Videos On Wistia?

If you are a business enthusiast who wants to get his video rolling for millions of views, choose Wistia as your video hosting platform. Wistia is a popular video hosting platform that is specifically designed for businesses. Here are the top 13 reasons why you should host your video on Wistia.

  1. The initial interest in a website visit.

    When a person wants to seek information regarding a product or service, he will visit the website of the marketing company. It less likely that these people will visit Youtube for a product review. Now if a viewer shares your video on YouTube rather than your homepage or sales page, that is a loss of revenue to consider. Youtube will get all the traffic and revenue while you won’t get any sign-up or sale. That potential customer can be gone forever.

  2. Gives a comprehensive video analytics.

    Compared to Youtube, Wistia gives a clearer insight into how your videos are doing. Wistia provides an engagement graph that shows how your viewers engage to your video. It is a close monitoring online system that offers heatmaps to know your viewer’s insights regarding your video. Important details such as a summary of loads, visitors, play rate, plays, hours watched and the average engagement percentage are provided as well.

  3. A more effective Call to Action.

    A ‘sales video’ is useless without a call to action. Wistia allows users to create a call to action that is clickable. One can place it at the end of the video. This is one very effective feature of promoting a brand, product or service. Its main target is to drive more traffic to your sales page and even to other web pages where you want to take a viewer.

  4. Enables you to capture your viewer’s emails.

    One of the reasons why Wistia is one of the best video hosting for business is that it enables the video player to require someone to enter their email address in the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the video. A setup is directly integrated with the video owner’s newsletter service providers such as Constant Contact, MailChimp and AWeber. It is a vital factor to be able to have your visitor’s emails so you can also send them personal messages for the possible lead to customer conversion.

  5. No Ads!

    Youtube is flooded with advertisements. It is where they make the majority of their money. They allow pre-roll and in-video ads which many people hate. That is true. An ad pop-up is not a good way to introduce and promote a business. Instead, it can annoy a viewer that will make the person stop watching your video. A clean video without any ad pop-up can be very interesting to watch.

  6. A great video SEO.

    Wistia gives high importance to web marketing and its great advantages to video creators and owners. Because of that, Wistia has SEO tools built-in. These SEO tools will allow users to add metadata like Title, Description, Tags which are very important SEO search preferences. We all know that SEO is a big factor when it comes to getting ranked in Google search results. Wistia is truly the best video hosting for business because they serve to cater the needs of marketers in different ways.

  7. Allows the control to the look, feel and function of the video.

    Wistia has the SuperEmbed Builder tool that allows the video owner to control over what his video player looks like. One can change the color, size and even add social media sharing links such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This tool is a user-friendly tool which is very easy to use to work on custom styling.

  8. Provides email marketing services.

    Truly, Wistia is one of the best video hosting for business because it provides email marketing services. It directly embeds a video directly to the email which is a great and very useful feature when it comes to reaching out audiences and convert them into potential clients. The video owner will simply copy the code from the email marketing page into the newsletter service provider HTML section. Then the video will be posted complete with a play button and the thumbnail that the owner already optimized.

  9. Compatible with all devices.

    People are using the internet even in the mobile phones. Unlike other web hosting platforms, Wistia is comfortable to all types of devices which make it more accessible compared to other video hosts. So whether you have Flash or HTML5 compatible browsers, Wistia is accessible.

  10. Wistia is best in the support system.

    The support system of a website or software is commonly a problem to many internet users. But Wistia makes this perspective more meaningful. Wistia is the best video hosting for business because of their great support system services. They answer email or tweets very fast without the need to wait for 24hours or more. They aim to solve the problem of their clients. Wistia does not leave unfinished business behind.

  11. Good in ‘lead to customer conversion’.

    Many marketers agree that Wistia is the best video hosting for business because it can improve a business’s conversion rates faster than other video hosting platforms. Wistia video hosting is preferred by more and more business owners simply because it can bring revenue to a business.

  12. A global authority on Video Marketing.

    Wistia has a team of experts that offer great professional services. From scripting and production to strategy and analysis, they can provide people with best tutorials and case studies to benefit video creators and business goers. They share their knowledge to the world.

  13. Bridges the gap for bigger possibilities.

    Wistia helps bridge the gap between Video Production and Digital Marketing which is a great factor to undergo more innovations and high-tech web possibilities. Their services make business owners become better marketers by creating more powerful web facilities and services.

Wistia Means Your Business Success

Truly the Best Video Hosting for Business Companies Worldwide

Today, videos and businesses are the best of friends. The two shares three very important factors for success and these are communication, connection, and conversion.

If you want to invest in video marketing, you should know the right path to walk through. The video marketing world can bring success easier than ever. But it is also important that you know the pros and cons for a more effective marketing strategy.

But it is also important that you know the pros and cons for a more effective marketing strategy.

Protect Your Product Video with Wistia

Since you have exerted a lot of effort, time and money in creating that product video, it is important that you bring your video in the right place. Power your product by protecting it from possible pitfalls due to the wrong choice of video hosting platform. You can make things easier. Remember, if your product relies on your videos, RELY ON WISTIA.

Power your product by protecting it from possible pitfalls due to the wrong choice of video hosting platform. You can make things easier. Remember, if your product relies on your videos, RELY ON WISTIA.

Remember, if your product relies on your videos, RELY ON WISTIA.

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