5 Tools to Boost Your Video’s ROI

There are certain tools to boost your video’s ROI. Video marketing is fast establishing itself as one of the most effective marketing channels, but how do you get the most from it?

 If you don’t fully exploit your video content then you could be losing potential sales. Here are a few top tools to boost your video’s ROI:

1. Use hosting platforms other than YouTube

You should use Youtube as a marketing medium, but it simply isn’t fully set-up to help you as a business. Hosting platforms like Brightcove or Wistia are better suited to commercial marketing efforts.

Wistia provides tools for e-mail collection that you can set-up to sync with your own provider.

You can also make subtle adjustments, such as customizing the player so that it fits with your corporate branding and works in harmony with your social media. Saying that…

2. Make use of Youtube’s popularity

Don’t rely on Youtube to host your video, but it is the second biggest website in the world after Google, with more than 1 billion unique visitors, and you’d be naïve to ignore its reach.

If you can build a solid Youtube following it will do wonders for your SEO as well.

3. Rich-content social media posts

Of course, you can simply boost posts on Facebook and Twitter, but there are a wealth of tools coming to the market that will help you make the most of your video.

Promoboxx and Moontoast can include direct links to products with your videos, which can help boost your ROI and produce sales.

4. Google AdWords for Video

If you’re familiar with Google AdWords then the video system works precisely the same.

It can help you generate views for the video in the early days that can have a hugely beneficial effect on the social shares and can help that snowball gather momentum.

5. Exploit E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing can be a useful tool. If your audience signed up to receive notifications then you’re preaching to the converted.

So the e-mail can fuel the video and the video can fuel the e-mail.

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