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Creativity has no end, and there is no exact science for creativity. Sometimes the creative juice flows into the website designs, and there are times when the design just ends up getting dried.

The excellent way while designing is to broaden your horizon of thoughts and explore things differently.

What blocks your creativity is looking at the same designs which are already implemented in your work for years. These designs at times make your work dull and drive away your potential leads away from you.

It also shows that the designers have a limited skill set and need to explore more to get inspired and to get in touch with new creative designs across them.

Once a designer touches the surface of his work, he must look at some other designs to get an idea to turn his work into a piece of art.

It is now one of the common practice of most of the designers to have a look at the other designs to get an insight into the creative website designs of others.

Have a look at other developers/designers piece of work and compile the best of the best. It will give a better understanding of how to implement certain features in a new way that could potentially get the attention of a different group of audience and clients. 

Try this when you end up in a situation where everything seems to be dried up, just close all your tabs and have a look at these below sites to get inspired.

Essential Facts

Tips On Best Website Designs 

1. Behance

Behance, one of the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. It is a social network for creative people to share projects with others. Being a part of the Adobe family, it is the leading online medium to broadcast the work widely and efficiently.

2. Dribbble

Dribbble is a platform to show, tell, promote, discover and explore designs. Dribble is a community of web designers, professional logo designers, graphic designers, icon artists and illustrators who get to show their work, processes and ongoing projects.

3. Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration is focused on maintaining a high level of great designs to share with the world. It has a free environment, so browsing at any time anywhere is always safe.

4. Design Sponge

Design Sponge is a creative community with the aim of making the art and design work. The site is great to inspire the beginners because it does not only cover beautiful designs, objects, and trends but also covers the struggling story behind the designs. With open discussion across all the channels, the sites appreciate all opinions and thoughts of the users which let them share their views, take growth and learn more.

5. FormFiveFifty

FormFiveFifty, founded in 2005 is an internal showcase for growing group of young designers, nomads, and vagabonds who collects the best design work and share it with others.

6. Design Blog

Design Blog, one of the most inspirational design blog that has all the best in graphic and web design. Being the most convenient blog for the designers, it includes Design Inspiration, Tutorials, Graphics, Drawings, Typography, Cards, and Brochures. One can easily get an idea from here to use in their design.

7. Creative Market

Creative Market is a community of creators who share their stories of work to inspire the viewers. It is a medium for straightforward yet beautiful designs for everyone.

8. Design Clever

In addition to the design world, Design Clever is an online design blog that serves as a collection of inspiring design work, fabulous photography and impressive ways of branding. The site is full of beautiful visuals, photography, and designs for the viewers. Have a look at it and freshen your mind with new ideas and trends.


Therefore, it is not easy to be a designer; a designer needs to have a unique blend of creativity, skills and a perspective to stay sharp and craft something really well and eccentric. No matter how good your designs may be, but every designer needs to check out the above and other more websites to stay updated with the ongoing trends.

Check out the above sites for tutorials. Reading design movements, getting design resources to give your work a thriving and an artistic look. You will surely stand out in the website designs world.

About the author:

Loius Martin is a professional blogger with interest in design and marketing. He knows how to put all the dots of a brand work together. With a passion for sharing his knowledge, he writes about his experiences and learnings. Read more of his articles @loiusmartin1

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