Web Design Tips To Increase Website Traffic

Increase Website Traffic

Website traffic is one of the main source of leads for most business owners. Mainly because website traffic will turn into leads. And will eventually turn into customers and buyers. It is the main reason why we started to put up a website in the first place.

But for this article, we will talk about how web design is key to increasing traffic.

Traffic has a lot of functions. Like obtaining a measurable number to gauge whether people like your brand. You can make changes based on the fluctuation of traffic on your website. And you can get quality leads that have a high potential to become buyers.

So, a website without traffic is like a barren wasteland. Plus, your efforts to sell will become irrelevant and you will waste time. To fix this, you can refine one aspect of your website. And that is, of course, web design.

The way your website looks also reflects the way you work. It can also show how professional you are. Why? Because some people will get their first impressions while they are looking at your website for the first time.

It’s like seeing someone you don’t know, you judge based on looks during the first meeting. So you need to look nice, right?

That’s the same thing when it comes to web design. So I will give you some tips to improve your Web Design. First, let’s talk purely about your design patterns.

Web Design Tips

Try to look at other professional websites

As a general designer, it is part of the job to look at others to get ideas. It is the same as a web designer. Try and get some great ideas from other professional websites. Of course, you have to keep in mind that you are not visiting to copy.

That is ethically wrong and it can get you into trouble like plagiarism. What you want to get rather is how they made their website unique and professional. This will allow you to improve beyond them and create a unique and original website of your own.

Choose Colors that are Easy on the Eyes

Our eyes are a sensitive part of our body. There are colors that are easy to look at. AND there are colors that don’t look like a professional would use it. Actually, choosing a color should come as important way before you start creating your logo.

Some companies go for colors like black and a special shade of orange. What this means is that you can choose multiple colors, think of it as a theme for your brand. Base it on the product or service you are going to sell. This can give you a lot of ideas already.

Just remember that there are colors that might irritate your visitors. So, try to avoid that. Like neon colors or super vibrant colors.

Proper Font Sizes and Font Faces

This is important too for the readability of the texts on your website. As you know, texts are an essential part of your website. There is no website without text. That is why choosing proper font sizes and font faces are critical.

Don’t use font faces that are fun like the Windings Font. Use something that is universal, like Times New Roman or Calibri.

Also, your font sizes matter. Although the sizes on your page may differ every time. It depends on the situation and the level of impact of the word you are putting. For example, having a phrase like “buy now” as compared to “BUY NOW”.

Do you see the difference? The capitalized words are definitely emphasized more that the small ones. This is the same for the font sizes. Don’t make all your text large. Try to strategically change them so that your visitors will be able to differ words from one another.

Put Original and Professional Pictures

If you want to establish your uniqueness and originality. Of course, you have to put original pictures. Something that has not appeared on any other website. Put pictures that are relevant and closely related to what you do.

It’s actually advisable to capture pictures on your own so that they are really original and unique. Some, however, buy from professional photographers and paid websites. Just to become unique. Of course, all of these are worth it to increase website traffic.

I know that some will absolutely require pictures on their websites. Like E-commerce websites where you have to put actual pictures of the products on sale. This is not what I’m trying to say when I mean to put pictures on your website.

What I mean is you can put pictures as a background on the “about us” page. A picture of your team, or maybe an infographic about your company. And they have to be original.

Strategically Place Explainer Videos

If a picture says a thousand words. An explainer video says hundreds of thousands of words. Videos increase your chance of conversions dramatically and will certainly help with your designs as well. It’s perfect to advertise and help people with the discovery stage.

Depending on how many products or services you offer, you don’t necessarily need only one explainer video. You can have multiple videos on your website. Explain each of your products and services.

It will really ramp up your website and liven it up. People can easily go through your web pages conveniently now. But keep in mind that you don’t just place them everywhere. You have to think if that video is really placed properly.

This will surely increase your website traffic and will get your customers to stay more on your website.

Other Things to Increase Website Traffic:

Increasing website traffic isn’t just purely about website design. You can take note of these couple of things and I can elaborate more about this on a different topic in the future.

Complete your About Us Page

This is important because most of the time, people will look at this page. It’s like the back of a book. They look at it to get an introduction. In this case, it’s an introduction to what you do and what you offer.

Just keep it as simple as a single paragraph with no more than 50 words. An “about us” can also be a part of your home page. It can be just a simple part of the footer of your domain.

Either way, it will okay as long as you put all the important information for your visitors to see.

Make sure your Contact Page is Updated

An updated contact page shows that you are ready to talk to the customers anytime. It’s additional proof of your authenticity as well. Like your physical address and your contact number.

You can even have a message or contact box on this page so that your customers know that you can answer them anytime. So, update it frequently, change the questions or queries there.

Or change the as soon as you change your real contact number. Never put fake contact information.

Use these sure tips to increase your website traffic. But you must know that these are mostly about the design. The reason why I put some other things to increase your website traffic is because there are a lot of ways.

Thousands of ways that I’m sure I won’t be able to think of all of it at the same time.

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