Tips to Increase Conversions and Build Trust

Increase Conversions

What are Conversions?

When it comes to businesses, conversions are the driving factor for owners. To put it simply, conversion is the process where your leads become customers. Furthermore, they will become buyers.

This process is the pinnacle of having a business. Having a constant flow of conversions means you have a great business that will be working for a long time.

In addition, a steady number of conversions means that your brand has become popular. As a result, a domino effect happened and you are gaining the trust of buyers. This will open to new leads who wants to discover and eventually become buyers too.

So, all-in-all, conversions is one the most important metrics a business has.

What I want to give you are some tips to help you increase conversions. As well as build trust by doing so.

Tips to Increase Conversions and Build Trust:

Tip #1: Actually make your brand worthy of a high-standard company status

There are a lot of steps but here are some:

Think like you are one of your customers

Put yourself in their shoes. Create a situation where you will avail your own product or service. AND THINK: is the product or service you received a good one? What can you improve?

What are the things that are missing to completely satisfy yourself as a customer? If you answer this honestly. You will refine your brand to meet the needs of your customer.

Don’t give a half-baked service

If you are unsure if what you’re selling is up to par or not, then don’t sell it. Improve everything about your brand first to the point where you believe it will be accepted. Remember first impressions are what most of your buyers will base the quality of your work.

Acquire someone who will be dedicated to quality check

Having someone as a quality checker will save you a lot of money and time. This will make sure that everything that goes out of your company will have top quality. And it will help you with regards to customer satisfaction.

This will surely increase your conversions, help build trust and ratings.

Act like a professional and look like a professional

This does not mean to fake it till you make it. It mostly refers to ethics, some about aesthetics. What you show to people reflect the quality of your work. In a website, it refers to how the website is organized properly. It should look neat and not cluttered. It reflects how professional the business owner is.

Tip #2: Try to target people who might be interested already

Instead of going head on to something blind. Try to get some insight. There are a lot of tools that can help you to target the audience you most need. Some good examples would be building a website to attract interested customers.

Posting an explainer video on that website to increase awareness and help discovery is good too. There are a lot of ways to get you the right and quality customers. But not all people will have the same goals and interest.

Imagine if you can pinpoint the ones who are really in need of your professionalism and business.

It can increase your conversions exponentially. In addition, it helps build trust in the long run. Because your customers will know from the start that you are the one to go to everytime a specific challenge comes into mind.

Tip #3: Follow up with your past customers

Try to greet them and ask how they are doing. The main purpose of this is to eventually ask what they think about your service. This will hit two birds with one stone. You will be able to improve your service depending on what they will tell you.

And you will build trust with this technique. Your customers will know you are sincerely concerned about your final product if it really helped or satisfied them.

Another thing about this is. That once they know you are following up to ensure satisfaction, they will act as a promoter. They will tell their friends and other acquaintances that your product is actually good. Meaning more conversions and increase in trust.

Ask nicely for customer testimonials

This is a perfect way to follow up with your past customers and ask them what they think about the service. Ask them if they can make a testimonial for you. It can come in any form. In a simple text format or a very informative video.

Either way, it will surely be of great help to you. If you can use these testimonials as proof of how good of a service you actually offer.

In addition, you can have something to add to your portfolio or maybe just put it on your website so people can watch it as they discover through your domain.

Tip #4: Prove your authenticity

Every time someone will visit your office or your website, they will check if you are a legit company. Especially if you are planning on selling something that isn’t cheap. This is the part where they will decide if you are really an authentic company. Someone who will deliver instead of just a scam.

So, make sure that all your proof and permits are readily available. Make sure that your “about us page” and “contact page” are frequently checked if there changes to made. Or if there is something wrong with the information.

This is very important because they want something as a proof for their confidence and peace of mind. In our digital world today, you can’t be too sure. Sames goes for our customers. They want something with assurance.


With these tips, I want you to see that conversions and building trust are like bread and butter. They are partners to achieve something great. Build trust to increase conversions.

AND more conversions is equal to building more trust in the end too. It’s a full proof cycle that every business minded professionals should take into serious account. Have you thought of something else to add to this article? Well, I’m glad if I’m able to provide you some help.

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