How to Design Your Business Signage

Your business sign is often the first impression that you will make on potential customers. This means that it’s important to carefully consider what message you might be conveying with your choice of sign color and design. Your sign should grab attention, and it should also be something that you’re happy to have associated with you for years to come.

Choosing colors

There is a surprising amount of thought that goes into choosing the colors of your favorite business signs and logos, and with good reason.

Each different color unconsciously conveys meaning to those viewing it, and it’s important to bear this in mind when you are creating your design. Some of the associations with colors are:

These are just some of the colors you might like to use, so it’s worth reading further on color theory and perhaps enlisting the help of a graphic designer.


The most important thing about lettering for your signage is that it should be easy to read. If it isn’t, people simply won’t know what your business is about! To achieve this you should consider using a font that’s easy to read, and if you’re making the sign yourself then use alphabet stencils to create the letters so that they are all the same size and style.

Be mindful of how the colors on your signs affect readability. For example, black on white is easy to read whereas yellow on white isn’t. When deciding on the size of your lettering you should ensure that letters are large enough that the sign can be read from far away, otherwise people may not be able to spot your business.

Things to avoid

There are also some signage mistakes that it’s a good idea to avoid.

Spacing is a good example. Always ensure that you have enough space on your sign to leave enough space around your letters so that they are easy to read. You should also measure your sign first so that you don’t end up squashing up the letters at the end to fit them in as this looks rushed and unprofessional.

When positioning your sign, be sure to put it somewhere that it won’t be blocked by anything like trees. Otherwise, you will have spent a lot of time and effort on something that nobody will see!

Finally, always be sure to get someone not involved with your business to cast their eye over your sign and see what they think. A fresh pair of eyes can always spot things that people who are heavily involved with a project cannot.

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