The Best Video Editing Apps For Instagram

Video Editing Apps For Instagram

‘I need the best video editing apps for Instagram.’ To answer that question, the article below is what you need to read.

Go ahead and gather some great facts and information for yourself.

Instagram is the happiest place on the Internet.

If you are one of the millions of Instagram users, you would probably be the very first one to agree.

Since the past years, Instagram is already been one of the strongest social networking sites that have been taking over the world wide web.

One of its most special features is allowing people to share pictures in a fast means.

However, Instagram is best known for photo sharing.

It did not get very high attention in video creation and sharing experience.

But since video content is flooding the web at this very present time, people are starting to use Instagram for video posts as well.

Instagram is now making ways to improve its video features.

In collaboration with different online video software, the users are now able to post and share high-quality and amazing videos.

In this article, we are giving you the best video editing apps for Instagram. 

Therefore,  you don’t need to settle for just a stock camera app!

Video Editing Apps for Instagram

The Best Ones to Consider


When it comes to video editing, this app has mind-blowing automatic video editing features.

Magisto allows people to edit videos and get amazing professional-looking video results.

Moreover, its video technical elements are great to use in creating short movie clips.

These can be compilations of personal videos or royalty-free videos

When you upload videos to Magisto, they have artificial intelligence engines to work on analyzing your footage.

Their algorithms will take a virtual look at the video that you upload and enhances it automatically.

Here are some of the best features of Magisto:

Giphy Cam

In addition to Magisto, Giphy cam is one of the most popular online repositories for GIFs.

Instagram users will be able to upload videos with glorious AR powered 3D.

Because of its tech advancement, you can now record a video of your creation.

Therefore, your Instagram video posts will be much better to share with your friends and for people to explore.

Compared to other video editing apps, Giphy cam is simple but powerful.

It offers users a quick GIF recording tool for all platforms.

So you can now record your life as a series of GIFs which is truly fun and exciting.

Lapse It

While you are looking for the best video editing apps for Instagram, people are already using Lapse It.

When it comes to time-lapse video editing apps for Instagram, this app is a great tool to use.

It features a technique that gives an accelerated view of slowly changing events. 

Additionally, it has a native version both for iOS and Android which is perfect for mobile users. 

Its well-designed UI is improving visual and usability which people are very beneficial for people. 

As a result, Lapse has been tested and approved by more than 500,000 people.


Do you want to experience a whole new way of zooming while recording your video?

You should use Horizon. It is one of the best video editing apps you can use for your Instagram posts. 

What’s more amazing with Horizon is it can capture your precious moments at 480/720/1080p & up to 2K (2592×1936) resolution.

As a result, it will give you a crisp video production outcome.

Is it difficult to use? No! All you need is to tilt your device to zoom in or out.

You will not need to project any special gestures.


With just a few taps, you can create beautiful videos using Quick.

It offers a fast and fun video uploading experience.

It’s really perfect for your Instagram posts.

What makes Quick unique from other video editing apps is that allows its users to take videos from various sources such as your own phone storage, GoPro, Google, and Facebook. 

This amazing app has a variety of filters and video styles.

You are open to a wide variety of editions including special time-cuts and transitions tools which can be exciting to explore.

Your video posts will never be the same again.


Taking videos in one of the funniest ways is by using Boomerang.

This app isn’t a photo or GIF. It’s totally a different thing.

Just imagine, Boomerang can transform an ordinary selfie with your friends into a funny video.

So how cool is that? Very cool! When it comes to technicalities, Boomerang is probably the simplest to operate.

With just a press of the button, the app will do the rest.

For people who are so into posting wacky videos, Boomerang will surely give you that satisfaction you need.

YouTube (Capture)

Here’s what people should know about YouTube, it has an app called YouTube Capture.

This app allows a user to record, edit, upload, and share videos on iOS which is good news for everybody.

Its own mobile recording and editing features have no limit.

When it comes to the number of clips that a person can use or the time your video can run, it is unlimited.

It is a user-friendly app. If you haven’t tried it before, this is the right time to prove it.


So what’s behind this weird Instagram video edit app name?

Well, HYPNO is another cool Instagram video maker that you should try.

This cool video editing app for Instagram captures short clips and automatically edits them.

You can change its music, effects, and animations. It has custom graphics that are artistically fun.

Furthermore, you can also add your very own music.

It has several unique Instagram video editors which make it stand out among other video editing apps.

Your Videos on Insta

Making Use of these  Amazing Video Editing Apps

The popularity of videos and the easy access to videography is the reason why Instagram becomes a go-to place for visual storytelling.

Before, people share their photos to share their lives and experiences.

Today, that opportunity has become wider and more unimaginable.

Through personal creativity using these modern and latest video editing apps, anyone can tell his story anytime, anywhere.

What you have read above just gave you all the things that you need to make sure that you will be sharing high-quality videos that everyone will love.

Easy And Convenient to Use

To edit videos for Instagram is not going to give you a hard time. 

You will not need a powerful desktop computer and run heavy video editing software.

The cool video editing apps we showed above are the ones that you should try.

Experience the wonders of technology and the unlimited possibilities it will bring your Instagram usage experience. 

There are other apps on the market. You might want to check them as well.

However, for the best and fast results, consider the ones that you just read above.

You will never regret it!

More of Instagram

Great Business Opportunity

Since videography is everybody’s obsession, Instagram has welcomed the fact that people will ask more of it.

Today, Instagram can also be a place for business.

Using these amazing videos and photos, there are actual sales for people like you.

The advertising world has also accessed the benefits that these innovation has offered.

Another thing that you have to remember, when it comes to business, anywhere and anytime can be possible.

It’s a matter of perseverance and how much you want to SUCCEED. 

Something to Ponder

Instagram is all about visual sharing. It breaks communications barriers.

Social networking sites like Instagram is a spice to add to one’s life.

It is making people’s lives more colourful and meaningful. 

Instagram has come a long way since its early days and people continue to enjoy what it has to offer. 

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