5 Tips to Establish Brand Authority with Quality Copywriting

Establish Brand Authority with Quality Copywriting

Today,  we will talk about how to establish brand authority with quality copywriting. But first, we need, of course, to define the two. This will allow us to understand the connection as to how quality copywriting for your brand dominance will help.

What is Brand Authority?

For me, Brand Authority is one the most important metric that everyone should aim for. If you have Brand Authority, it means you are always top-of-mind for your customers and buyers.

Even in your relevant industry, you will be the one to get ideas from and the go to for products. If you think of mobile phones, Apple and Samsung will usually come to mind. This is a perfect example of brand authority.

This means that everyone must keep up with what you do, even if they don’t admit it. Everyone observes you as to how you achieved brand authority. And there are lots of benefits that will come with that.

But it’s not all luck when achieving brand authority. There is one key factor that can significantly help you achieve this goal. Let’s talk about how to build brand dominance with copywriting. But what is copywriting?

What is Copywriting?

I will define copywriting with regards to everything I have researched about it. But if you want, you can get a formal definition from Wikipedia.

Copywriting basically means the content about everything written and published by a marketer. So you have social media posts, paper flyers, blog articles and even taglines for your brand.

Furthermore, a Copywriter is the marketer or writer who handles these tasks. But not every marketer out there is perfect. As a marketer myself. I always make mistakes but of course, I always allow space for growth.

You must also allow yourself to discover and understand the vast world that is copywriting. Eventually, everything accumulates as experience. But today, we will talk about some tips to establish brand authority with quality copywriting.

5 Tips to Establish Brand Authority with Quality Copywriting

Before anything else, it’s important to keep in mind that items on this list are not everything you need to do. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. But I believe this will certainly help a lot of aspiring copywriters out there like me.

1 – Set the proper theme and tone for everything you publish.

You might have noticed it, or maybe not. But every brand, product or service has a theme and a tone. Let’s go back to our trusted mobile phones for examples. For Apple, they are white and gray, and their tone is professional and classy.

Even if you have not noticed or created this for your brand yet. Eventually, this will emerge unconsciously inside your brand or company.

Because having a tone is important. It creates a phase that everyone will follow and be a guide for. Like for thinking a new product. If you have an upbeat and fun theme and tone, then your new products will follow this.

Everything will be organized and planned accordingly and based on your theme.

Also, when I think of a theme I mostly think about the color. Because the colors usually are the foundation. Like black and red. Orange, White, and Brown. You can’t really use a lot of colors at the same time.

Right? That will be unprofessional and it’s not a norm, aesthetically speaking. And lastly, yes, color is part of your copy.

This will, therefore, help you a lot with building brand authority with copywriting. In fact, I believe it will significantly boost brand authority with good copywriting. Mostly because copywriters like the organization of content.

2 – Make sure that all your online media accounts are in sync with your offline copies.

This is very important to building brand authority with copywriting because like I said, you have to organize everything. For your online media accounts, this will include your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkdIn and even MySpace if you still have one.

Most of them have features that will allow them to connect to one another.

Also, make sure that everything you publish is in sync with one another. It is critical that all the info you push out matches your old and new ones. This will avoid problems in the future.

Like discounts and coupons and special promos. Make sure they are aligned properly and organized. Even with your offline copies. By the way, when I say copy, it means the material or content you have published or pushed out. So, don’t be confused about that.

For your offline copies, make sure that everything makes sense for when people refer to your online or offline. This is a common mistake as a copywriter because usually, there will be two different departments that handle offline and online.

With that said, I have thought of another thing to list here in tips to Establish Brand Authority with Quality Copywriting. But let’s save it for later.

3 – Hire a professional copywriter that will give you confidence.

If you are thinking of becoming a copywriter yourself for your own company, think again. It may be better to hire a professional. Well, of course, it will depend on the scale of your business or if you have the budget.

But if you are really thinking of and want to become a brand authority, then hiring a professional copywriter will surely have lots of benefits.

Especially your ROI in the long run. Hiring a professional will help you with your ROI too. Since they have studied and have accumulated experience already. This will best as to starting out as a newbie yourself.

If you really want to, you can learn a lot from them. Speaking from my perspective, I did get a lot of help from my supervisor too and both of us are still growing and adapting as marketers and copywriters.

All in all, I can say that it is definitely worth it. Accumulating experience and growing I mean. Because this is the kind of knowledge that will be kept for as long as I want. This can be too, for you. So think about it.

And although this is like saying a shortcut to achieving Brand Authority, this is not. There are no shortcuts. Hiring a professional will still require a lot of effort from their side.

So get one that will give you confidence and will provide you with Quality Copywriting for Your Brand Dominance. There are still a lot more to talk about how to Establish Brand Authority with Quality Copywriting, we are still just halfway through it.

4 – Check everything that goes out as a final step.

Do this if you hired a professional copywriter or if you have become the copywriter for your business. Yes, even if have created and acquired tools to check every mistake we do. This is still recommended.

To have a better understanding of what your theme is, or your tone. Or simply to just avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Remember, what you show to people reflect the quality of your business. So everything you post, say or publish that will be shown to the public is the direct reflection of what people will get as a service.

You don’t want half-baked copies. Hence, hiring a professional but still even then, you have to check everything.

This will also give you the knowledge and will allow you to analyze and gain insight for your future endeavors. A very simple and obvious tip, but a sure way to Establish Brand Authority with Quality Copywriting.

5 – Collaborate with your copywriter and everyone else.

This is the best advice I can give you if you really want to Establish Brand Authority with Quality Copywriting. Ultimately, development of your strategy and copywriting as a marketer will take time.

In that time, you will have the chance to either be better or be stagnant. It will be up to you. And I can tell you that talking with everyone on your team is the best thing to do.

Create your strategies with them. Get everyone in sync and updated all the time. This will not only improve your copywriting skills, it will improve morale. And ultimately, this will lead to your brand authority.

That’s why companies have team buildings, they are willing to spend money to make sure everyone is working well like a well-oiled machine. There is no such thing as being an introvert when it comes to business and as a marketer.


With the five tips I have listed here, have you realized something? Yes, Brand Authority is not something that is achieved overnight or in one month. You have to take your time. For a lucky business, this status comes naturally.

But for some, especially the industries that has lots of competition, getting an edge or advantage is hard. That goes for brand authority as well. So, strategize what you need to do, think hard and give it all you’ve got.

In addition to this article, you can create explainer videos. Create an amazing script with your copywriter and post this video on your website. This can surely help with your brand authority as a whole. Mainly because it can boost visitor engagement and increase brand awareness.

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