10 Great Content Writing Samples

Right now, I am giving you guys some great content writing samples. Because I know, you’ve seen a lot of bad examples on the Internet.

So if you’re trying to create your own content article for whatever purpose, may this be your guide.

But before you get too excited, let me first show you how effective and useful content marketing is in today’s business world.

Because aside from looking at examples of content writing, understanding the full scope of content marketing can add to your motivation.

Content Marketing: An Amazing Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a form of digital marketing that revolves around the creation, publication, and distribution of content such as videos, blogs, and social media posts.

It’s a strategy of producing and sharing valuable free and paid content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.

So don’t get it wrong. Content marketing is not just blogging or editorial strategies. It’s far different from traditional content writing.

Today, this industry has evolved and is now a holistic approach that relies on a broad range of digital marketing tactics.

Effective Content Marketing Programs

Content marketing can increase the value of your brand. It’s an amazing way to improve your relationship with your target audience.

There are a lot of success stories of startups with their amazing content marketing strategy and how it helped them skyrocket their business.

Although there are different types of content to attract, engage, and convert people, content marketing is one of the easiest and fastest marketing strategies to acquire.

Today, more and more businesses recognize the significance of content marketing.

Your Content Marketing Journey

Are you interested in making a career out of content marketing?

Or you simply want to invest in it to become a part of your marketing strategies?

Whatever journey you are taking, that’s a great plan to pursue. However, if you are still clueless about how and when to begin, let me help you.

Since this is about content marketing, you need to learn how to create amazing content. At this point, I will be showing you some of the best content writing samples.

These content writing examples will help you figure out how to easily succeed in the content industry.

‘You don’t need a degree to do it. All you need is to study these content writing samples…’

10 Great Content Writing Samples

See how these content articles are professionally and wonderfully written.

Article #1:

When it comes to content marketing, guest posting is the biggest part of the job. Blogs provide fresh and useful content to the target audience on a regular basis.

These are up-to-date and trending news and information that can be any topic under the sun.

This content writing example gives a list of websites that accept guest posting. The article is well-researched as it shows reliable and live URLs where people can ask and submit a guest post.

Therefore, this article serves as a great source of information for individuals and businesses that are looking for guest post opportunities.

Also, the article provided instructions on how to be added to their list.

URL: https://www.icopify.com/blog/list-sites-accepts-guest-posting/

Article #2:

It’s a clever thing to write what your readers would want to read. Because you know that people will surely look and read your content.

This content article is a good example. It provides complete information about the subject matter.

Also, there are examples given that show several options to people in need of that particular help.

Moreover, observe how the writer uses the bullet points and number points to make facts easy to read.

There are a lot of content writing samples circulating over the internet.

But you seldom find articles that you are motivated to like, comment and share.

So be sure to write something that can captivate every audience’s attention.

URL: https://www.icopify.com/blog/average-freelance-video-editor-rates/

Article #3:

If you want your content article to be one of the best content writing samples, do not forget to write about a case study.

Whether you are promoting your business or something related to your profession, a case study is one strong basis for reliability.

There are authority and strength in most case studies. So if you utilize this type of content as well, you are telling your audience that you’re worthy of their trust.

However, a case study may not be very easy to write for beginners. But don’t worry. Find a comprehensive guide on how to write a case study.

URL: https://www.icopify.com/blog/10-call-to-action-case-studies-examples-from-real-button-tests/

Article #4:

When you write, don’t just give facts. Give tips as well. Teach your audience or share some insights regarding how to use the information that you provided.

Your readers will consider it a benefit for them which will make them search for more of your content articles.

However, be sure that you provide effective and honest suggestions. Eventually, people will find out if you have false claims and that would ruin your credibility.

At the bottom of your article, it would be best to put the author for your reader’s recognition.

Especially if the article is a guest post, give the writer a mention.

URL: https://www.icopify.com/blog/write-killer-explainer-video-script/

Article #5:

The headline of your article is very important. Remember, it’s the very first thing that your readers will read first. So if it’s boring, ti will drive them away.

However, if you have a killer headline, there’s a high possibility that a person will read your article until the end.

When writing a headline, use words that have weight. The content writing sample we have here will show you how.

Words like, powerful, amazing, effective, ultimate, and best to use in a headline. Also, you can see in the article that the writer uses an image that depicts what is written in the paragraph.

It will help readers visualize your message.

URL: https://www.icopify.com/blog/best-ideas-90-second-explainer-videos/

Article #6:

Not all writers or content marketers may realize, but to feature videos with their links on an article can help boost engagement rate.

Therefore, it’s not bad to use a video as an example and place their link on your article. An outbound link is significant.

This content article example shows several video samples with the link to their main websites, which is actually a good move.

Just think of this, when people search these videos, they will eventually find your video as well. Because Google detects video links in content articles.

URL: https://www.icopify.com/blog/best-company-intro-videos/

Article #7:

When thinking of topics about what to write as your content marketing campaign material, you have to consider your niche.

You can’t just jump into issues that are not relevant to what you are trying to promote to your audience.

In this article example, the writer uses business as the main topic of the article. There’s complete information provided plus suggestions that can help readers.

The length of the article is enough to entertain visitors. Do not write too short or too long content.

That will bore your readers.

URL: https://www.icopify.com/blog/b2b-lead-generation-effective-strategies/

Article #8:

Use current events or trending topics in your article. What’s hot and what’s in? People are always interested to know and learn new things.

So if you go with the flow, you can easily get the attention of your readers.

In this content writing example, the writer uses social media as its topic. We all know how popular social media is today.

Even businesses use social media to promote brands’ products and services.

Be sure to write a high-quality article so when people find your content, they’ll be encouraged to share it.

URL: https://www.icopify.com/blog/guidelines-small-businesses-social-media/

Article #9:

Help boost your reader’s confidence by providing helpful tips on your article. It’s one way to emotionally connect with your visitors that will motivate them to keep on visiting your website or blog. There are a lot of ways to help your readers.

This content example proves to people that a whiteboard video is effective when it comes to conversion.

Facts are provided to back claims.

It is crucial to show evidence so your readers will have no doubts about your content.

If you’re showing a process, make your readers feel that the process is easy. The complexity of the topic can sometimes intimidate a person and that is something that you need to avoid.

URL: https://www.icopify.com/blog/whiteboard-video-create-fast-easy/

Article #10:

When it comes to the credibility of facts, statistics are great examples. If you want to give strong information, feature statistics regarding your chosen topic.

Also, statistics are good motivators to tell people if a thing is good or bad.

Last but not the least, this content article sample shows great statistics about small businesses. The main topic and the featured materials are currently trending topics today.

It is easy to use this kind of content material.

Just collect truthful and authentic details, compile them and write something about it. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this type of content because facts are free on the web.

URL: https://www.icopify.com/blog/small-business-digital-marketing-statistics/

Additional Tips for Content Marketing Enthusiasts

I, as an experienced and professional content writer, would personally love to give you tips on how to write great written content.

Aside from the examples that I showed you above, here are some critical points that you need to remember whenever writing your own article or hiring someone to do the job.

  • Plagiarism is a huge Red Flag. Never post and claim content that is not yours. There are laws and regulations regarding this matter. To avoid getting banned, write authentic and 100% content articles.
  • Use and show resources. At the end of your article, it’s not bad to put all the resources you used for writing.
  • Never give false data. Providing wrong information can badly damage your reputation.
  • Insert images and videos. To make your article more attractive, do not forget to insert images or videos that are relevant to your topic. It adds entertainment.

If you have more questions about content marketing and you want to see more content writing samples, please feel free to contact me anytime. It will be my pleasure to serve you.

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