The Power Of Sas's Video Script

As a marketer, you know that customers are interacting with your brand more than ever before.

The problem is, how do you track the complex customer journey across so many devices and channels?

Like the prospect, browsing their tablet from the couch.

The business professional, multi-tasking between board meetings.

The millennial, buzzing through social media. The cafe emailer, the telephone caller, and don’t forget about the shopper visiting your actual store.

It’s your job to figure out how to market to these six customers.

Here’s the thing, these aren’t six different customers.

All these interactions came from one customer. They all came, from Gary.

See, you’re just treating him as different people because he was on different devices and interacting in different ways.

And throughout the buying journey, Gary may interact with your brand, more than 500 times. And each time, he’s being treated differently.

Shouldn’t your brand have one view of Gary, and Gary have one view of your brand? With the power of SAS analytic software, you can.

Using customer data from every interaction, on every platform, SAS can help your marketing team create seamless journeys for all your customers on all their devices, across all customer moments.

So all your marketing interactions are personal and relevant. SAS provides the hindsight, insight, and foresight.

So your organization can make smart decisions on what you’ve learned about Gary to meet his needs now and anticipate what he’ll need next.

Get the power of SAS and start making analytic-driven decisions that are always in synch with your customers.