Pingouin Car’s Video Script

This is William wishing to rent a car online for his holiday in Mauritius.

He does a search online and lands on the website of Pingouin Car.

He books his car and pay online securely with his credit card and gets his voucher.

Landing at the airport, he goes through the immigration and George get out of the terminal through gate number 7 and head towards the car rental booth which is just outside.

William meets Stephen at the Pingouin Car Rental Booth. William handles Stephen with his voucher, driving license and passport.

After verification of documents, he helps him with his luggage to the parking next to the car rental booth and a car checklist is filled up digitally.

Rapidly, the car is verified, and pictures of the car are taken. Happy with the car, William completes the payment procedures.

Finally, he is ready to start his ride.

After completing his adventure in Mauritius, he drives back to the airport.

William return back the car in the parking lot at the scheduled drop-off time.

William meets Stephen again at the Pingouin Car Rental Booth. They both verify the car in the parking lot. Satisfied with the verification, William hands over back the car key to Stephen.

William is delighted with this smooth experience and flies back happily and is looking forward to do business again with Pingouin Car.