Hive's Video Script

This is John, he’s the supply chain manager for a global beverage company.

John has a problem. His data keeps showing gaps in sales. John suspects that the products are not on the shelf so he sends someone out to restock.

But it keeps on happening. His sales taker can only tell him about products that are scanned in stores.

He knows he has 86% availability, but the other 14% remains unknown.

John has a supply chain blind spot. He knows there is a broken process somewhere in his supply chain but he doesn’t know where. He wished he had real visibility to what was happening.

Well John, you can.

Introducing, HIVE from Juliand Digital.

HIVE is a lost reporting platform that consists of two applications.

A mobile app for people at the ground level of the supply chain, and the web-based application used by projects leaders to analyze the incoming data and track loses.

HIVE gives you real-time visibility and insight to identify inefficiencies.

Here’s how it works.

Your people in the field used the HIVE app in their daily work routine. HIVE equips them with the tools to fix issues, where and when they happened.

Clearly outlining industry best practices and highlighting tips.

With HIVE, they can quickly identify and fix the root causes of recurring issues, create powerful reports, collaborate with other users, and earn points and achievement badges based on activity.

Supply chain activity report is sent to the HIVE cloud where data is collected in one place, giving John an actionable view of the losses that he can trace back to the supply chain.

He can then create actions that feed directly to his field rep mobile devices and set up high collaborations with retailers and suppliers for even greater efficiencies.

HIVE sharpens people’s skills at each step of the supply chain, generates data, and turns it into meaningful decisions that make a difference in the entire organization.

Get real-time visibility into your supply chain and turn insights into action today.

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