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Localization Services best explained by icopify

Today, the business world is in an international marketing and advertising context. One has to adapt its company’s offerings and communications to locale-specific to perfectly match and reach customer expectations.


Localization service means fewer costs for support and customer service, considering that software in your customers’ language makes navigation and configuration much more intuitive for them, resulting in less inquiries for your support department, less claims for refunds, better brand reputation and, consequently, more sales.


    • Reach a global audience. Localization can be the key to reaching a global audience through breaking communication barriers. Hence boosting your sales.


  • Expand your business. By giving your brand more exposure, localization helps you to reach a wider audience for your products and services. It allows you to introduce your brand to new markets which simply means business expansion.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. By localizing your content, you are sincerely reaching out to your audience. It’s a way of making them feel they are important as you embrace their culture and deliver a personalized experience, consequently gaining their trust and increasing engagement.
  • Cut down risk. Not many people know that localization is very helpful when it comes to reducing the risk of copyright infringement or violation of local laws. It helps you avoid serious marketing fails.
  • Increase marketing effectiveness. Localization narrows international campaigns to a number of local markets. It will help you in improving marketing effectiveness and will make your investment much more cost-effective.
  • Reduce costs.  Localizing your business helps you save time and money hence creating a possibility of additional revenue.



Getting Started with the Right Localization Service

Are you ready to localized your products? Make the navigation and configuration much more intuitive for your customers. Selling your goods or services online puts you in a nature that gives you access to international markets.

Don’t get intimidated. Help is available through localization services by icopify.

Fully localizing your website is an immense project. With our localization and translation experts, you are in the right hands. Improve the credibility for your brand.

It’s time to get local!

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All our projects are 100% custom

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