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DA20+ & DA30+ Guaranteed

We write and publish your articles on relevant websites
Get In-Content links through manual blogger outreach
Turnaround for this service is 2 to 7 days
We boost the authority of your website


  • Includes 500 Words Blog
  • Manual Blogger Outreach
  • DA20+ & DA30+ Guaranteed
  • 2 Anchor Texts / Target URLs
  • In-Content Link
  • No Duplicate Domains
  • 2 to 7 days Turnaround


  • Includes 1000 Words Blog
  • Manual Blogger Outreach
  • DA20+ & DA30+ Guaranteed
  • 3 Anchor Texts / Target URLs
  • In-Content Link
  • No Duplicate Domains
  • 2 to 7 days Turnaround

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These two methodologies are not so different, but they have a crucial variance: blogger outreach makes the mention of the link seem hugely more natural. In guest posting services, the link is usually at the author´s bio, reducing the number of readers drastically (many of us don´t read bios?).

With the blogger outreach approach, on the other hand, we contact active and highly relevant bloggers for collaboration on a piece of content that includes the editorial link within the body and flow of the article, naturally. The content we offer gets published with the blog´s owner signature on it. Readers already trust him or her to make the bond and Google takes this as a sign of authority allowing your websites to rank better than ever.

Having our own team of in-house writers assures the top-notch quality of the blog content. We come up with the best ideas to educate the audience of each blog and incorporate the links naturally within the flow of the text. This results in natural, organic content that appears to be written by the blog owner rather than a third party.

Educating the blog´s audience while relating to your link is our main target and we are successful at it. We come up with non-promotional, completely impartial content. This methodology opens the door for us to secure placements on quality blogs that will ensure the link gets the most natural craft humanly possible.

The answer is yes. During the order process, you have the freedom of choosing as many as you want. After that, you can just enter the anchor text and target URL for each of the lines. This is what a form process order looks like.

Although you can´t pre-approve blog placements, you can request to receive an update everytime we secure a placement. We believe this is the best approach since it is non-promotional ghostwriting that doesn´t need any approval (another big difference with guest posting services). You won´t have to invest any extra time reading and qualifying; we assure that link editorial incorporation is like a high-quality blogger just mentioned in a post.

Opposite to what a guest posting service to build links usually gets you, our secured placement will be editorial in-content and 100% real and unique. The mentions and links will add up to other non-competing, useful links that make the overall natural aspect of the content way more solid.

Upon contacting us we can talk about a proper plan and placing for these niches that have proven to be tough to build real relationships regarding link building. Because we have a lot of experience in it, we like giving tailor-made solutions to these clients.

We guarantee for at least 180 days. In the vast majority of the cases, our secured placements last indefinitely. Most likely they will remain until the owner of the blog decides to terminate it. The minimal loss you´ll experience is inevitable; with time bloggers might choose to change focus or terminate their page.

This is a scenario that we have never been involved in yet; if that is the case, you´ll get a full refund as soon as we review your order. There are some very acute sectors in which this is a chance because link-building is significantly more difficult.