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Scale your business with our video animation services

We are turning your ideas into effective animated videos…The amazing video results we deliver may seem like magic, but it’s not… There’s a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure that you get the best possible outcome. Here are some of the increasingly powerful technical elements that go into creating your video.


The first stage of our video production process is the script writing.

To begin, we send the client a questionnaire and when the client answers these questions, our professional writers gather all the information and carefully conceptualize the details to write a story according to how the client visualizes it.

Once the script is done, it is sent to the client for approval. After the client reviews the script and still wants changes, he sends back the script to the team for revision.


After the script is approved, we proceed with the storyboarding.

We create a two-part storyboard. The first one is the sketch storyboard. It is merely a quick-drawing, a draft of what the graphic storyboard is going to look like.

We show the sketch to the client. The person will review and give his approval or feedback for possible changes.


Next is the graphics storyboard. We create a series of rectangle frames that are the graphic presentation of every scene.

These are clearer drawings that look more realistic with corresponding captions which can be the dialogue or a note.

After the graphic storyboard is finished, we send it to the client for approval or changes.


After the client approves the storyboard, we proceed to the voice-over stage.

We will send the client a number of voices that are experts in speaking native languages. The client comes back and informs us of his choice.

Then, we sync the script and voice-over together with the background music. We send the outcome to the client for approval or changes.


This is the stage where our professional video animation artists sync the animations, illustrations and background music together.

We create our video animation tailored to what the script and storyboard are.

The entire process will finally have its clear representation.

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