Use Animated explainer video to grow a small business

grow a small business

Animated explainer video has become the latest trend of effective marketing.

There are 5 reasons for small businesses to use this method for growth.


Marketing is the top most important feature of any business.

It is obvious that after establishing a business, you need to promote it by using different marketing methods to attract the consumers.

Every business requires clients to become strong and with no clients, it becomes difficult to run a business, or I would say impossible!

The department of marketing handles this area of promotion and advertisement.

They use different platforms, such as Television channels, radio station, and newspapers to connect with the consumers.

This way they tell people about their product and its benefits to drive the consumers towards markets and raise the purchase rate of their product.

With the passage of time, the methods of marketing have also been modified.

Now TV, radio, and newspapers are not the only platforms to publicize your product, but with the rise of e-commerce, you can now use the internet to popularize your products and services.

This trend of internet marketing has given birth to animated explainer videos.

What is it?

Well, an animated explainer video is a short video that illustrates a product or service of any firm by using animations and graphics.

It doesn’t involve any real-world entity and based on illusionary visuals.

These videos first began roaming on the internet, and after a successful response from this platform, businesses start using the same animated videos for television advertisement as well.

The animated explainer videos are quite useful and effective that every successful business also prefers these videos to promote their services even further.

This video can turn out to be amazingly beneficial for small business who are just starting up.

Let’s take your small businesses to a next level by using animated explainer videos for marketing purposes.

There are 5 reasons why small businesses should prefer animated explainer videos rather than real life videos.

An animated explainer video explains your business services and products’ features pretty openly.

Such a video can engage the viewers due to the catchy illustrations and interesting artworks.

As I mentioned above that animated explainer videos are short in length, viewers watch it till the end and reach a conclusion.

Whereas, long real-life videos become quite boring and people start changing the channels to avoid such advertisements.

The short length and attractive graphics appeal viewers and keep them engaged until the end of the video.

Moreover, quick movements and detailed animated explanations make explainer videos much enticing.

The best part is, besides adults, children also prefer to watch animated explainer video rather than real life video because they find it similar to watching cartoons.

That means, now small businesses can connect with their kid consumers directly.

In short, animated explainer videos are an amazing source to attract consumers of every age and engage them in buying your products.

As a matter of fact, small businesses are new to the market and need to grow in order to compete with rival businesses.

For that reasons, an increase in customers is enormously required. It’s obvious that every business grows with an upsurge in clients and customers; they act as a fuel for it.

Being new in the market, it’s very important for starting businesses to grab the attention of consumers and make them their ultimate customers.

Now the best way to grab consumers’ attention is to generate an animated explainer video.

This video will roam on internet and television to explain your services and products to the consumers.

As the viewers will be engaged in watching this video, they will come to know about your services more appropriately.

This familiarization will appeal the viewers to buy your product in order to experience the benefits by themselves.

A good explanation and attractive features of your animated explainer video will eventually turn the viewers into customers.

That means your baby business can grow quickly with the help of animated explainer videos.

Real life videos cannot be prepared with a little budget as you’ll need to hire famous actors, good director, relative props and a perfect set.

These all things require a handsome amount of money, and this is the reason why small businesses cannot afford real life videos.

Well, does it mean small business cannot spread a word about their services to grow?

No, it means that small businesses need a better alternative to promote their business on a low budget.

The animated explainer videos are the best option in such a matter.

These videos don’t charge much because you don’t have to pay any celebrity or prepare a costly set to shoot the ad.

All you need is a good software, video making skills and higher imaginations.

You can simply use your laptop and start making a good video today with the help of your friends and colleagues to come up with an effective final animated video.

Animated explainer videos are easily affordable and trigger higher purchases, therefore, small businesses should always prefer such videos for product publicity.

Real life videos restrict you when it comes to implementing your desired advertisement ideas.

If you want an orange to tell the world to drink your produced juice to have the best taste of it, then you got to be a little realistic here because a real-life video cannot make an orange talk.

Imaginations are always vast and cannot be presented through real-life videos properly.

This is why animated explainer videos should be preferred because you can play with your imaginations and describe your product in the exact way you want.

Higher graphics and impressive illustrations, used in such videos, provide a freedom to show your mind art.

Now you can make any animal or fruit talk to promote your services or products.

At last, small businesses can find animated explainer videos quite helpful in spreading the word about your products widely.

These are easily shareable videos that can promote your business on the famous platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.

You can make an animated explainer video and share it right away on these platforms that have the largest number of visitors.

Such popular websites will grab the attention of international consumers as well, and you might get a chance to grow your small business into an international one.

The plus point is that you don’t have to pay these websites for sharing your video.

Moreover, your family and friends can also share your business animated video with their friends and relatives to make more customers.

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This article has been written by Clinton Loomis. He is a teacher, and a writer works for Coursework Club Help & Writing Services where students buy coursework online. He has further specializations in artworks and graphical illustrations from London.

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