How Top Brands Use Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Top Brands Use Social Media

The use of social media is very rampant today. Millions of people are getting crazy over these social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It is also the reason why the top brands use social media for their promotional and marketing activities.

Why not? The main target of businesses is to reach their target audience. Being active in social media is one very effective, easy and quick way to reach millions of people.

Why Top Brands Use Social Media

Best Marketing Strategy Ever

The popularity of social media is one reason why top brands use social media as a marketing strategy. A brand or business is able to build its popularity by using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The companies receive high leverage from social media marketing. The increase in the company’s website presence becomes easy. Growing the number of its followers becomes effortless.

However, since the competition among various industries continues to tighten, businesses employ different marketing tricks. And because of the influence of social media, it becomes easier for these businesses to execute their marketing plans.

Studies Prove Claims

How the Top Brands Use Social Media?

Different organizations studied this internet phenomenon. It is to present people with clear statistics that can help anyone understand the hottest marketing trend. To see how top 50 brands use social media, they conducted a study.

The case involved the evaluation of 11.8 million user interactions on 2,489 posts made by 249 branded profiles. They collected tons of great data.

Here are the things that the case study targets to know:

Key Findings

Important Facts and Figures

Compared to the previous years, this year, the social media sites enormously increased their number of fans. Facebook alone has doubled its Facebook Fans percentage to the average of 18.1 million. The Instagram followers ballooned to an average of 1 million followers.

In Twitter and Google+, the total number of followers have nearly doubled as well. On the other hand, the followers of Pinterest did not go through any changes. While LinkedIn underwent a small rise in the number of its followers.

Statistics Show

As what the statistics show, Instagram is still the king of social engagement. Due to this trend, the top brands post about 5 times per week on Instagram. Despite the increase in the number of followers,  Instagram, however, decreased in the per-follower interaction rate of 2.3%.

Per-follower engagement rates on Pinterest, Google+, and Twitter also went through a downslope. It was only Facebook that showed an increase in that area. Because of that, more brands are paying to promote their Facebook posts to a larger percentage of their fans.

Social Media as the Fastest Medium to Succes

A World-Wide Marketing Phenomenon

The top brands use social media because it brought them positive changes. The process is easy and cost-effective. It is much easier to find possible leads that can be converted to actual sales and customers.

Consequently, more and more businesses make use of this great social media advantage. Knowing the target audience with a company’s brand who will be interested in using their products is an important step to take.

But it is an easy and quick way. Many people believe that there is future in social media marketing.

Launching Social Media Marketing Campaigns

You can continue identifying other social media channels that can work for your business. The social media platforms are very broad. Your ideas can be brought to the next level of competence.

It will benefit none other than but your business. If you want to invest in social media marketing, it is one great decision to make. There are people who can help. You can do your own research as well.

These social media sites are revolutionizing their own platforms to make it more suited for your trade. It is one very helpful thing to contemplate.

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