Top 5 Benefits of Animated Video Marketing

An entrepreneur looking to turn an cocktail napkin idea into a reality or a Fortune 500 company, chances are you can benefit from the use of animated video marketing. 

Old days of publishing amateurish webcam-style videos on YouTube. Now, you can leverage the power of high-quality animated videos to market your product or service.

Generate Sales/Leads

Arguably, the single most notable benefit of animated video marketing is the ability to produce more sales or leads. Regardless of your business’s niche, you can boost your conversions by publishing engaging animated videos.

Assume it’s done correctly, some of your target audience will watch your videos. Perhaps this is why video constantly ranks as one of the most effective online forms of online marketing media.

Boost Email Open Rates

Ask any seasoned email marketer and they’ll agree. The key to a successful email campaign is to achieve rate. You can craft the ‘perfect’ email, but it’s not going to yield any tangible results unless people open it.

According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Marketing Group, including video in your marketing emails can boost your open rates by as much as 20%. Furthermore, it can boost your click-through rates (CTR) by as much as 200-300%.

That alone should be reason enough to include video in your emails!

Keep Up Animated Video Marketing With The Trend

By 2017 did you know that 74% of all Internet traffic is expected to come from video? There’s an undeniable trend towards the use of online videos, with more and more people going online to watch them.

In fact, videos are fun, engaging, and easy to access from any device, including tablets and smartphones. A recent study conducted by Brafton suggests that nearly three quarters (74%) of all Internet traffic will come from video within the next three years.

If animated video isn’t a part of your business’s marketing plan, you could be leaving tons of potential up for your competitors to grab.

Greater Brand Recognition

We can’t talk about the benefits of animated video marketing without mentioning its positive impact on brand recognition. Each time someone watches your video, he or she will see your name, logo and other information.

This isn’t something happens overnight, but over time you audience will begin to associate your brand with your business.

Don’t Have To Hire Live Actors

So, one of the perks of creating an animated video is the simple fact that it eliminates the need to hire actual actors and actresses. Trying to find a professional actor is time consuming and expensive, with some charging as much as $250/hour.

Still with animated videos, you can convey your marketing message in a more direct and meaningful manner to which viewers can relate, without the need for a professional actor or actress.

Well, icopify makes attention seeker videos. As a result, it will surely boost up your business.

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