7 Things Novices don’t know about Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Marketing is the study of the process of exchange, trades and delivering out a message to showcase a brand or a service. So, a marketer is the one who executes this process.

But we will be talking about a specific type of marketing. And that is, of course, video marketing. Being an amateur, there are a lot of things novices don’t know about video marketing.

For this article, we will be talking about the things novices don’t know about video marketing. There are surely a lot. Some, you will acquire through experience.

But it’s always better to have someone guide you or inform you in advance. So that you will gain insight about the challenges to come.

Although this list contains only 7 subtopics, I will try and elaborate them rather than just give you a simple list. This will ensure that being a novice, you will gain an in-depth understanding of what’s to come.

In the future, it will still be up to you to grow as a video marketer.

With relevance to video marketing, I have created an article about guidelines. Read it because it will give you a lot of ideas as a novice.

7 Things Novices don’t know about Video Marketing

1 – The definition of Video Marketing

Although the phrase video marketing itself is very easy to understand. A lot of novices tend to overlook what it really means. Basically, Video Marketing refers to a branch of marketing that mainly focus on using videos as a tool.

As a marketer, videos are their main resource to promote, raise awareness and convert leads into customers.

There are a lot of types of videos, so, as a video marketer, it is recommended to use all of them. This way, you will have an understanding of what are the differences and strengths of each of them.

There are explainer videos, whiteboard videos, animation, and live-recorded videos. All of which have different strengths depending on which situation you think you need them.

There are still a lot of things novices don’t know about Video Marketing. So let go ahead and I’ll give you more.

2 – The process of Video Marketing

As a novice, I’m sure you want to know how video marketing works. Well, to get an understanding of how it works. I can tell you the process of how video marketing will get that customer.

Because that is an important factor of marketing. In my experience, there are 5 key steps in the process of video marketing.


Creating the video is important as a marketer. You might be the one to create it or you can hire a professional company to ensure quality and delivery of your video. Try and avoid mistakes and strategically answer questions.

Put a call-to-action. There are a lot of things to consider, read here to see the steps to create a video.


As a marketer, it is your job to show it your potential leads to convert them. Where you will put them, is another topic but there are a lot of channels which you can use. Get your message across, that’s what videos are all about.


This is the part where you will attract potential leads. It will depend on your video if they will stay or will they just pass by as a viewer. If successful, they will get hooked, questions will form in their mind.


There are always questions to be answered, especially for interested viewers. If you answer them correctly, it will further push them or encourage them to do the next step. This is one of many amazing strengths of a video.


This is the final step where your viewers will be converted to customers. All because of video marketing. It’s one of the main reason why you as a marketer decided to go down this path.

To increase your conversion rate. In addition, read here to look at how to increase conversions and build trust.

3 – Video Marketing is now becoming a world trend because of technology

First, this is mostly the reason why novices become video marketers. Because of the way technology is molding our generation. Everybody is moving around while on their mobile phone.

And almost everyone has a PC or a desktop, and a TV at home.

This means that people are now watching videos more than ever. “Text” will always be important but the convenience of watching videos can never be beaten again. When of course, with regards to promoting brand and services.

And when demand is increasing, business owners and companies will adjust, all of them. A part of their strategy would be to always think about the future.

Thay is why business will always want to create a video. Keep that in mind, especially for modern businesses that have websites. All because of the modernizing world. Videos are more professional, colorful, fun and serious at the same time.

Narrators can emphasize the product even more. All these factors make videos very very demanding in the corporate world.

There are still a lot to cover for things novices don’t know about video marketing. But you can read here about the top 3 industries that use facebook live for video marketing.

4 – Video Marketing against the other types of Marketing

There are many advantages to list down if we are going to compare video marketing to other forms of marketing strategies. There are also cons, but let’s not talk about that right? Let’s focus on video marketing now.


Well, as you know, you use your video everywhere now, literally. Offline or online. From TVs to Social media on the internet. Attach or embed it everywhere or to all video platforms. It’s up to you to use your own video.


Your video is yours permanently, you can always have a backup. Even if you lose it, there is a big chance that the professional who made it for you will still have it. It is consistent when it comes to delivering messages.

If you put it on your website, it will be there permanently until you remove or change it.

Budget Friendly

Unlike paid advertisements or billboard ads, the only time you need to pay for a video is when you create it. After that, it’s yours and you never have to pay again. Depending on which type of video you want, it might even be more budget friendly. With that said, I recommend explainer videos.

ROI ( Return of Investment )

Like I said earlier, videos are consistent. For example, put a video on your website. It will stay there forever unless you remove it. It will consistently attract and convert customers.

Because of the way compelling call-to-actions work on a video. There is a high chance to convince people to become customers. And conversions means income.

It’s also a good-to-know for novices that although video marketing strategy is different from the others, you can still incorporate video marketing for almost all of them. Like paid advertisements, although it can lower down the cost.

Relationship marketing where you need to build trust for a person until he/she purchases. Social Media Marketing where you can upload videos.

All different types of marketing but perfectly compatible with video marketing. That’s one of it’s biggest advantage. And that’s one of the things novices don’t know about video marketing.

5 – Video Marketing keeps on adapting and evolving

When it comes to the marketing trends, video marketing will perfectly adapt to any changes. Like email campaigns, there are always changes to this trend but videos can always be attached to it whatever happens.

Unlike the rich text format where it depends on the context or device where you want to view the email. My point is that because of the demand, they won’t ever take away the feature of being able to watch videos everywhere.

Also, this will include the compatibility of videos, you can watch it anywhere. Don’t worry about formats or errors when playing videos, technical people will solve that for you.

Would you like to watch it on your desktop? What about on your mobile phone? What if you decide you want to upload it on Youtube? Or simply put it as a paid ad on TV. There is no problem because it will be fine.

As long as there is demand, video marketing will be an ever evolving strategy for successful marketing.

6 –  Video Marketing still relies on a good strategy

As a newbie marketer, you might choose a strategy that you think you use easily and effectively. Well, not everything is easy. Everything will require hard work, this goes for video marketing too.

Check out my article here about making your video as a marketing strategy. Video marketing is perfect, as long as you know how to use it for the situation. There are certain challenges along the way. Remember to never quit even if it gets hard, it’s totally normal.

Talk it over with your whole team. Create a strategy around this marketing idea and you will surely become successful as a marketer.

7 – Video Marketing has great SEO benefits

SEO doesn’t focus mainly on “text” or words. In fact, videos can be great for SEO too. Try and put a keyword on google or yahoo. It will show you videos too. Video marketing has evolved and adapted to the SEO trends.

In addition, I did write something about how a good explainer video can help your SEO challenges.

This trend is the result of google owning YouTube. They have fully incorporated SEO on videos so that Youtube will be successful. Even facebook has a lot of videos. So, you can even observe that this has become part of our daily lives. This means an increase in demand and lifestyle integrations.

What I have written here shows the accumulation of my experience being a Video Marketer myself. Of course, I won’t say that I am 100% a master with regards to this type of marketing.

But like me, your experience will grow as well as your wisdom to tackle different challenges along the way. Be patient! So, the things novices don’t know about video marketing?

I hope we answered some of that and covered the most important things. Remember, as a novice, be patient and experience will come.

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