15 Simple Twitter Guidelines that Everyone should Apply

Twitter Guidelines

I did some research and browsing on Twitter for a couple of hours and I noticed two things. Getting more followers and getting on the trending spots are important factors if you want to become popular.

So, most people will be wanting to know what they need to do to achieve these things. With this article, I will tell you some useful twitter guidelines that can help you on the way to popularity.

In addition, I can give you other tips for managing your Twitter accounts to always be on top of everything when it comes to one of the most used social media channels known on the web.

Furthermore, a good information to keep in mind is that Twitter has billions of viewers every day. This means that this is a really good area to become popular and gain influence. You will see that here in these Twitter guidelines as well.

Furthermore, a good information to keep in mind is that Twitter has billions of viewers every day. This means that this is a really good area to become popular and gain influence.

Whether you want to promote your brand or this is just for personal reasons as an individual, Twitter is something to rely on. And I will try to cover all of that with these Twitter guidelines.

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Here are some great Twitter guidelines:

1 – Post interesting videos and pictures.

When you see something you like on the internet, you can tweet them even if they are videos and pictures. Well, since you are discovering, find something that will be interesting to others as well.

Like references to current events or news. It can be a video that talks about a certain topic or brand or infographics about tutorials. Or just anything that you think others will click on it and hit the like button on twitter.

This will surely build your account up to the trending spots the more the likes and retweets you receive. It is a sure method because current events are always trending. Everyone always wants to know what is new and happening around the world.

2 – Include trending hashtags on your tweet.

This is you adapting to the twitter environment. Twitter is all about hashtags, it is a unique way of twitter and they are the one to first introduce it online. In fact, you can read all about the invention of the hashtag here in Wikipedia.

Moving forward, this is a way to become popular on Twitter. It’s a way to promote those who are popular already. This means that more relevant people will follow you.

Because they saw you tweeting something that interests them and something that they can relate to from you. That’s a good way to build your account.

3 – Follow back people who follow you.

When someone follows you, it’s best to follow them back. Twitter is like a puddle, toss a small rock and you will create a ripple for some time. When you follow someone, that is the ripple.

So, the more you follow, the longer the ripple will stay. This means that your follower database will grow and become practically unlimited. Of course, it will still be up to you to provide rich content that will keep your followers loyal.

4 – Retweet relevant and quality posts.

Speaking of rich content, people will always look for one. Because of competition, no one wants boring and dull stuff on the internet. Retweeting means that you are active when it comes to twitter itself.

Retweeting shows that you are into researching and often browsing other accounts. But, of course, don’t just tweet everything you see that to prove a point. You have to look for quality posts that make sense with regards to you and are relevant to everyone else.

Attach yourself to the popular ones on Twitter and in turn, you will build your account up as well.

5 – Comment-Tag people who you think are relevant.

Comment-tag means to use the “@” character to refer to someone else. For example, @My_icopify means that you are referring to that company or brand. This is also a feature that Twitter made for their own unique purpose.

This also will show how active you are on Twitter. It might even get the attention of the one you are referring to, it depends on how popular they are.

If they are on a global-artist-level of popularity and they mention you back, imagine the amount of traffic and popularity that will give you. It’s worthy of a spot here in twitter guidelines and everybody should do this.

6 – Tweet interesting posts as much as you can.

First, I would like to tell that this is completely different from retweeting quality posts. Because this has something to do with you being original. That means you have to think of tweeting something great you have in mind.

An average user would tweet something random but that’s okay. Since you are reading this article, I get the feeling you don’t just want average. Well, that means tweeting something interesting is important.

Current events and discoveries, amazing blog articles made by you or anything that is relevant to you and your followers. Don’t just aim for likes, though. No, that’s a dead end.

Aim to help your followers and give something that will show them you are worth the follow they gave you. Of course, this doesn’t also mean you are not going to tweet what you like. Hence, the phrase “as much as you can”.

7 – Think of hashtags that can be popular.

Don’t strain yourself actually thinking of every word that can be popular. Instead, think of hashtags that can be connected directly to you. Line everything up with your interests and advantages or assets as a person are.

This will show your followers that you are consistent with what you do. And if you do that, your hashtags can be popular and everything will follow with regards to this. So, your hashtags can be a tool to achieve this goal and become popular on Twitter. 

It can also be a way for you to have loyal followers.

8 – Remember the difference between “Tweet To” and “Message”.

The feature means “Tweet To” means that you are posting something on your friend’s wall. And “Message” means that you are sending a message directly to him. They are different because one is a much more private way to contact your friend.

The other one, though, you can use so that everyone will see it. This can also get the attention of that person who you want to tweet about. Keep that in mind because it’s a good-to-know for twitter management and even for showing something you want to trend.

9 – Hit “Like” on posts that you really relate to and like.

As you know, the most common functions you will see on a tweet are the retweet, like and reply buttons. Everyone will see your name if you like a post and they like it too.

This can also be a basis for followers to know who you are as a person. This will show them what your interests are and what you mostly follow on twitter. So it’s good for everyone to know, including you, the reader. Because this is commonly overlooked so I placed it here as part of my Twitter guidelines.

10 – You can do a lot more with the “three dots” on every Tweets.

There are useful features here that you might have overlooked in the past. “Share via Direct Message” where you can send a tweet personally to any person you wish. “Copy Link to Tweet” where you can reference that tweet to your own tweet, useful for giving credit.

“Embed Tweet” where you can reference your own link to another website or social media channel. Mute, Block and Report Tweet is for you to use when you feel uncomfortable or you think a specific tweet needs to be removed.

“New Moment” is a unique feature created by Twitter where you can put multiple tweets together like a slideshow. These are a good-to-know for Twitter as well for management and for building your account up.

11 – The more followers you can get, the greater your chance to trend.

In twitter, there is a domino effect. Every time you follow someone, your name will get a chance to be seen by the others who followed that someone. Because people tend to browse and discover.

So, the more you follow, the more your chance of getting someone to see you. This is a good-to-know for twitter for you to become popular and get more followers at the same time.

But remember, more followers doesn’t really mean you become popular right away. There are a lot of steps to consider. But this is really a good way to start.

12 – Use your address book to look for your friends.

It’s always good to start out with your friends, a group of people who understands you and will accept almost anything you post. You can do this by accessing this feature on the right panel of your Twitter window on your PC browser.

Click on “Find Friends” and it will direct to a page where you can use all your active email accounts and other accounts.

For me, it was google and outlook. This is a good-to-know for twitter especially for those who are just newbies and have recently just created their account.

13 – Check your contacts for robots who auto-tweets.

All social media channels will have robots. When I say robots, I refer to those who use a software or a hack tool to automatically post, like or even send messages to people on that social media channel. Twitter will have lots of them too since it’s a very popular website.

Although you can’t prevent them completely from your follower database, it’s still recommended to try and check for fake accounts or robot accounts every now and then.

Maybe once a month is good. This will make sure that most of your followers are real accounts. This is a good-to-know for twitter especially for those who have a large number of followers and are continuing to grow.

14 – Twitter can be used to check instant news and current events.

You might have noticed that some accounts don’t follow others a lot. Well, it’s up to you of course. But some people use twitter to check current events and news solely for that purpose.

Hashtags and trends work so fast you can check people’s opinion right away, they appear like a thread or a live comment every time you refresh. It’s like a big live chat for everyone who will use a trending hashtag.

Because of the way this work, you can use it to check current events and news in the most convenient way. 

People and social media channels actually use this feature to stay updated at all times. You can do it too.

15 – You can turn on mobile notifications for your favorites.

Just like checking instant news or current events, you can do this to an individual or account you want to get mobile notifications from. Every time they post something, you will receive a notification on your phone.

You can do this to accounts you want to get instant updates from, like a news account or a celebrity you are a fan of. This is a good-to-know for twitter for those who want to stay updated every time for that specific account.

Since I mostly access Twitter on my PC, to enable this feature and use it, go to the profile of that person or account you want to get mobile notifications for. Click on the gear button on the upper right corner. And select “Get Mobile Notifications”. That’s it!

In summary, these guidelines can help you with multiple challenges on Twitter, even if you are just starting out or you want to know what you can do with Twitter. I didn’t focus on just a guideline to become famous or just become trending.

Some guidelines can be a reference if you just want to manage your account or you want to see additional features that might have overlooked.

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