4 Reasons Why Explainer Videos Boost Visitor Engagement

Explainer Videos Boost Visitor Engagement

Have you ever visited a website that has an explainer video? Most of the time, you will see it on their landing page. But why do they need it there in the first place? An answer to that is: to boost visitor engagement. 

What does it mean when visitors engage? It’s quite similar to the process of converting them from common visitors to leads. And in the long run, potential clients and lastly, buyers.

Of course, I’m sure you already have questions as a marketer or sales expert. Like, do explainer videos really boost visitor engagement? How?

Reason Why Explainer Videos Boost Visitor Engagement:

It helps visitors with the discovery stage.

Imagine you’re a food vendor with a stall or a food cart, people will constantly go by looking at you. It’s the same as surfing the internet. People like to just get a quick view of what you offer.

Of course, not all of them will buy, this is because people are in the discovery stage. Most likely, they stay in this stage until they choose a food vendor, or in this case, a company or business to go with.

Explainer Videos will help increase engagement from the discovery stage. Also, keep in mind that most explainer videos tend to be short. You can check here some examples of explainer videos, this is also an article from Hubspot.

The reason why I’m telling you this is because during that “quick view”, they can already get a clear idea of what they will get. Think of how convenient is that going to be? And this is exactly why they get “hooked”.

This will also possibly create more interest. As a result, they will spend more time on your website. Ultimately, you will have them engaged.

It answers the questions of your potential clients.

Moving on from the previous subtopic, you will now have potential clients. They will have questions that can build trust and confidence. To achieve this, strategically answering common questions on an explainer video is absolutely important.

They might even jump from this part, to have a talk with you over the phone right away. This only shows how engaging a video can be. As a common modern saying goes: It creates hype!

In addition, it helps you with barriers like first impressions, doubts and other negative things that might repel them.

It emphasizes the quality of your products and services.

Remember, everyone will have a different perception of how good you really are. There is no sure way to tell them the quality of how you work until the final delivery. Even if they saw a testimonial or review from others that have worked with you. But showing an explainer video can bridge that gap.

Having them watch an explainer video is a more convincing way of telling them how good you are. Give them example scenarios where you can help them, show them challenges that they can overcome.

Noticed I used the word “show”? That in itself is already a big difference as to just to get them browse around your website. Explainer videos give out a firm statement that you are indeed, a professional.

It creates a compelling call-to-action.

A call-to-action can come in different forms. Basically, it guides your clients to do the next step. It is really a great way to have your clients be engaged. This can be perfectly incorporated into a good explainer video.

At the end of each of your videos, you can put a clickable button or tell them to go to your website.

For example, your call-to-action will allow them to input their corporate info and submit it to you. Or make them create an appointment to have a call with you.

Once they perform an action, you can safely assume that they are now engaged. It will be up to you to go beyond that and further nourish them to becoming buyers. If, they aren’t already so much interested because of your explainer video.


These are only some of the reasons why having an explainer video can boost visitor engagement. I’m sure that after reading this article, you will already have something great in mind to add to this.

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