Marketing on Twitch – What You Need to Know

Marketing on Twitch

Twitch is the world’s largest online video game streaming platform. From a technical perspective, it is an influencer marketing.

Unlike others of its kind which use images of recorded videos, Twitch promotions are live-streamed. This makes it different and more attractive.

Though its contents are mostly videogame live streaming and eSports competitions, a growing number of users also work on DIY, music, lifestyle, and other creative contents.

What is Influencer Marketing

People like to use a product when they see someone, they trust, respect, or follow, using, or appreciating that product.

The use or appreciation by a person trusted, respected, and followed by a large number of people plays a great role to promote the product in the market.

That’s the basic idea of influencer marketing.

Actions and Benefits of Influencer Marketing

There are several points that make influencer marketing special to reach potential audiences. They are:

a) Quick Trust Building

As stated above an influencer can build trust and credibility of your products by their influence. And they can do it far more easily and in less time than you could do by using other marketing tools.

b) Enriching Content Strategy

Before introducing your product you need some content that would explain and introduce the product in detail.

What an influencer will do instead is simply provide an influential lecture or unboxing of your product that will fill in the gaps or add to your entire content strategy.

c) Creating and improving brand awareness

Think of some two or three million of audiences getting interested in your product within a couple of days. Only an influencer can do it. This obviously expands your reach and gets the position near the top of the list.

The influencer, while creating your brand awareness, is increasing his social media presence and thereby benefiting both sides.

Here’s one of the reasons why you should buy twitch followers. We’ll discuss this specific platform in detail at the later part of this article but it’s time you started thinking of making the best use of influencer marketing to increase awareness of your brand.

d) Reaching your Target Audiences Effectively

You can reach thousands of audiences, sometimes even millions of them using so many marketing tools and techniques.

But you can hardly make sure that an optimal, or at least, the minimum portion of them will get interested.

Only the influencer can do it— ensuring effective marketing and converting the potential audiences to active customers.

e) Building Winning Partnerships

Getting engaged with an influencer can lead you to a world of relationships that further earns you a huge number of active audiences and the influencer his fame.

In the long run, both of you win.

The Speciality of Twitch in Influencer Marketing

In the world of marketing ‘the more the better’ is the oldest global truth. And at present, the bare truth is that Twitch is watched more than Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and ESPN altogether.

It has grown to be the internet’s biggest live streaming platform.

That’s not all. It’s yet the fastest growing industry of advertising opportunities.

Want more?

Every day more than 15 million users get active here and they watch streams on the platform for more or less 44 billion minutes per month! This should be enough to tell anyone why he should avail of this platform to boost his product.

So are the influencers. One of them has more than 5 million followers and 385M channel views. Another one, who is graded 4, has 4M followers but astonishing channel views of about 1B— far more than the topper.

Even the one, positioned at 30, has 2m Followers and 36M channel views. With such powerful influencers, any platform could be considered a hot cake.

Video game content is the prime business of the majority of twitch streamers.

Most of the streams have an engaging feature where the streamers are playing games and chatting with their live audiences. Twitch also organizes eSports tournaments and various talk shows for the gamers.

How do You Use Twitch

There may be other similar platforms but none has such a high population and activity.

Here are some points you could consider for using Twitch to promote your product:

1. Set Marketing Goals

While you’re on business, streaming is the business for you— an endless source of income. But watch out! You need to be careful setting up your goal so that it is in line with what the platform offers and allows.

Example of a specific goal: you don’t say I’ll increase the number of my subscribers; rather you say, I’ll make 2K or 10K subscribers by the end of this month.

When your goals are specific and well defined you can very easily plan your course of action to achieve these goals.

2. Understand the Average Twitch User

Let’s have a look at the Twitch statistics:

From the above short statistics, we see that most of the twitch users are young and around two-third of them are male.

Now you can consider how you want to market your product among these audiences or if you’ll need them at all. Be sure of your target before you put your marketing money in the right place.

3. First Entertain, then Advertise

People spend hundreds of millions of hours a month in Twitch mainly in search of entertainment. So are the influencers. They provide the most engaging and interesting entertainment out there.

What you need to do is to plan an entertaining method of marketing. Whether you couple with an influencer or directly go for the banners, takeovers, and mid-rolls the audience must not feel out of entertainment.

That’s how you could get the best out of it.

4. Find the right Influencer

Not all influencers will be able to get you the best result. Everyone has their own style and niche. Here are some points that you should consider before  hiring an influencer:

5. Interact with your audience

The final stage is your interaction with the audience you earn from Twitch. This can be chatting with them while they watch your channel or, alternatively, watching live streams that your followers create. This will help to create a close social relationship with your audiences. The more you come closer to them the more they get interested in your activity and your chance to reach your goal becomes easier.

Final Words

There is no such thing as an end in marketing. You search and find out hundreds of ways lying before you to run for your prize.

Twitch can be the source of such numerous ways to your success.

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