How to make your Video Popular in Social Media?

There are ways on How to make your Video Popular in Social Media. Social Media can be a good idea of getting customers. How to make your video popular in social media?

For example, Facebook is known to one of the most populated social media sites nowadays. Most of the people have their account on this site. But then, how would make your video gain views? Here are some tips.

For you to be able to upload your video successfully, you need to know the limitation of a video. Take Instagram as an example, this site limits the video to be upload for not more than a minute.

If you have more than a minute video presentation, then you can upload to a site wherein they can allow lengthy videos.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has the feature to Autoplay videos. If you set this, it will be played the moment a viewer scroll the page. This feature allows customers to click on the video to know more about the product.

So don’t forget to set your videos to Autoplay.

Yes, it is important. Subtitles are needed so everyone can understand the presentation well. We all have different accents and dialects right? Also, it helps those who are hearing-impaired to understand the message of your videos.

In general, having subtitles reduced confusion of the audience.

Uniqueness is the key to success. Having a video that is being copied won’t buy any customers. You must be creative as possible. From the introduction to the end, the video must have the ‘WOW”  factor.

This will help your product to be remembered.

You have to make a headline when you upload something. For example, putting captions on Facebook and Instagram. It must be eye-catching so people would click on your video. This is really a huge help in your business. Just be imaginative!

You also need to broadcast your company.  It is not just about the product you are trying to showcase. The logo is very important for your company so never remove it in the video. With this, customers would know the producer of the product.

You don’t want to confuse your prospects right? In order for you to relay the message to your buyers, you need to make the content of the video direct. This will help your viewers to understand your video.

A video without something you can’t hear is kinda boring. You must have the music that catches not the eyes but also the heart of every customer. This will make them lend their ears to you. 

If you’re not making videos as a part of your marketing strategies, then you’d better make it. Because of today, we what see is what we will get.

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