How to Become a Copywriter?

How to Become a Copywriter

You are tired of working with agencies and companies that drain you and in return, give you nothing worth your hard work. One may get irritated by the overtime they give to their workplace and get nothing out of it at the end of the day.

There are different careers that one can pursue, even if they already have an established one. One such career is copywriting. Yes, you can sit at home and decide that you want to be a copywriter as you know you have the trick to turn the words into a magic spell.

There is no need for formal education or take a writing class. It requires no training, no course, yet still can earn a lot of money. That’s where you dive into the world of copywriting. To kick start your career, you do not need to sell your house or put on risk any of your assets.

All you need is a computer, the internet, and some cozy hecks to start your copywriting career. This article is one of the assets you will need if you are thinking to become one killer copywriter.

Before getting into the tricks and hacks of becoming an excellent writer, let us begin by knowing what exactly is the copywriting process.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is all about the words, yes it is only the words that matter. The demarcation line is that you have to move around these words to sell better and efficient. To become a competent writer who plays with the minds of other human beings, one should crawl into the minds of other people or their target audiences.

Copywriting requires an in-depth study of human psychology. It does not mean you need to go and get your psychology degree done; you can do it with experience and following the proper rules and principles explained this article to get the attention required by the humans you are selling your product.

Different types of copywriting

There two different paths in the field of copywriting: in-house and freelance!

If you want to get experience, there are two ways that you can; it means two directions and one of them is your destiny.

1: In-house Copywriting: When a copywriter enters the world of marketing, that is when they start working for an agency.

2: Freelance Copywriting:  When you are your boss, you are the one setting the rules instead of obeying the ones your working as a freelance copywriter.

There are many advantages and cons for each of them. Let’s get enlightened on this!


The inhouse copywriter works under an experienced person and learns a lot from the mentor. You have a stable income, and you work for big companies. You get the skills instantly as you keep on working continuously.

On the other hand in house copywriting you get paid fixed even of your work costs millions. You have to live an office life that becomes frustrating to sometimes you may get work that you have no interest in and still obliged to do it.


A freelance writer he is his boss which means no pressure or stress. You can easily choose your projects that are of interest only. You can wish to work continuously or don’t work at all. You can also fix the rate with different scenarios. Whereas in freelancing, the learning graph curve is steeper.

You may get demotivated as there’s no one to keep a check on you. The income is unstable as there will be times when there will be a lot of work and then will the time come when you won’t have any or little work. You may have to cut your social life if you have a lot of burden of work that brings frustration at home with work.

The companies hire copywriters to put huge content like Ads on Tv, internet, radio, social media, Brochures for sales, forms to fill up for a variety of products, make content for their websites or have press releases.

Since you are starting your career with no experience, then you probably are a freelance copywriter.

Here’s the list of things you need to cram for life to become one successful writer.

GIG NO 1: 

The first and foremost gig to be a famous copywriter is being an expert in a specific niche!

Most of the writers are usually observed to say that they can write about anything. But you must niche down to one specific field. It will make things easy for you to achieve credibility within a particular area.

You can obviously still write about anything, but when you specify, you are sure of what you know, and you can then fix the rates accordingly too with the confidence of the experience you have.


The second trick as a copywriter is to find your client. This part is the most important yet the most intimidating as you are a newbie in this field. Once you get a hold of your clients, the process then becomes easy and smooth too at the same time.

There are many platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Quora where you can start answering the questions and gain the attention of your potential clients. You will have to give ample time for this activity to be popular.

GIG NO 3: 

Know your worth and learn how and when to charge for your work. You should not get tripped here as you don’t have any official rate of the services you provide. Remember to be famous in the market you need to start doing the work for free, get the clients, and then start rating your work according to the clientele you have.

One should always focus on a referral. A referral is when one client refers you to other potential clients by praising you. This is where you can trick them and increase your rates. A copywriter can rate his work hourly, per project or monthly.

GIG NO 4: 

Scaling your work will make it easy for you to earn good money. Scaling here means developing your copywriting skills to earn sound money. You can do this when you have the right clients, and then you get referrals from those clients.

A copywriter gets better clients through this, and you can raise your rate once you get a reference. If you have a hit script getting referrals is not a difficult task. This way, you can easily double your price and get more income.

After you get a hold of the gig of copywriting the next thing you need is the toolkit of it.

Tool #1: Earplugs

This heavenly tool will get you more concentration without any distraction. They bring the inner silence you need to concentrate on your work.

Tool # 2: A user-friendly computer/laptop:

When you are a copywriter, a computer becomes your best friend. An easy to handle friend will work wonders for you. You can get a MacBook pro as it will be the friendliest tool by your side.

Tool #3: Writing with no distraction:

The distraction-free mode of writing will make it easy for you to concentrate more on your work. There will be no icons, menus, or programs popping in front of you.

Tool # 4: PayPal account:

You are writing to get paid and the medium to get the payment should be handy and convenient. PayPal makes you stay simple till the time you get big in this field of copywriting.

Tool # 5: Voice Assistant

It is necessary to build your schedule and writing the plan and following it becomes difficult when you are on your own. Voice assistants like Siri will help you do things without any effort. Just like asking Siri to wake you up at 8 am, it’s like having a robot assistant.

Tool # 5: Google Docs

By far, the best writing tool is Google docs. One should know how to operate it and get started with the writing. It’s free and easy.

If you have all the above tools, it becomes easier for you to excel as a copywriter. The copywriting business of yours will prosper if you will follow the article one by one. Get all the gigs and tools beside you and start working to earn a good amount of money without any problem.

The basic things you need to do is do some reading on the books of copywriting every other day to stay updated on the modern tools and strategies of a successful copywriter. Make a simple portfolio of copywriting to present in front of your to-be-clients.

Once you do these, just put yourself to work to achieve the goals of being brilliant at your writing. Once you are experienced, a lot of windows open to bring projects and articles to keep themselves busy in the work they love the most.

Happy copywriting our to-be- copywriter!

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