How Much for a Car Accident Lawyer?

Statistically speaking, driving is a very safe activity, especially with good drivers who obey traffic laws and mind their surroundings. Though no matter how great you are at driving, and how well your automobile is functioning, you simply do not have control over other drivers on the road.

If someone else is in your lane, runs a stop sign or a red light, or swerves and hits you, there’s nothing much you can do about that. This is why thousands of people are filing accident claims every year to help cover their expenses due to a car accident they have been involved in.

 It can be really tough to pull through an accident that isn’t your fault. Initially, your insurance doesn’t care; they just want to jack up your rates, and you may even have to deal with legal issues. This is when a quality car accident lawyer comes into play, like a professional you will find at EdwardsInjuryLaw.com.

But a lot of people are a little hesitant to seek out an accident attorney because they’re afraid it will cost them too much. So, just how much does it cost for a quality accident lawyer?

How the Best Accident Attorneys are Paid

 The thing about accident law, in this sort of civil litigation niche, is that lawyers know how strapped you are for money. In these instances, most accident victims have had to go into their own pockets for things like physical therapy and a lot of extras that they need due to injuries.

Insurance only covers so much before it starts draining your accounts. So, a qualified accident lawyer isn’t going to seek money from you upfront. What they do is work out a commission with you. They will represent you and fight those insurance companies to get you a settlement, and in exchange, you agree to give over a percentage of that settlement, typically no more than 30%.

 Different lawyers will operate a bit differently on the finer points here, but the main payment structure is usually the same across the board. They will view your case, and if they decide to represent you, you will not have to pay them upfront. Therefore, the rate that it’s going to cost you for a car accident lawyer definitely fluctuates.

Top 3 Benefits of Going with a Quality Lawyer

1: Far Less Stress for You

 The best accident attorney you can get is going to ensure that there’s a lot less stress involved in the process. You won’t have to travel back and forth every week to meet with the lawyer, and you likely won’t have to concern yourself with sitting through some TV-type trial. Good lawyers know precisely how to navigate these waters so that it’s made a lot easier on you.

2: The Process Can be Quicker

 Not only will the process be less stressful, but also quicker. When you go with just any old lawyer, you might end up with one who doesn’t have a relationship or a reputation with different insurance companies.

What does this mean? Well, it means that you will likely be dragged through the court in some long, drawn-out process whereby the responsible party tries to avoid paying. With a qualified attorney, they’re going to be able to get the other party to settle a lot sooner.

3: The Settlement is Going to be Larger

 Not only will the other party settle sooner, but also for much more. A good lawyer who has a reputation in this area is a weapon. The other party knows full well that dragging it out or fighting it in court is going to result in a whole lot more money lost. So, what typically happens is that they will play hardball, but your lawyer is better at it and wins a bigger settlement for you.

 The rate that you will have to pay all depends on how much you get in a settlement. Obviously, your lawyer is going to be fighting for the absolute maximum settlement you can get. This way, they also get paid a lot more. So, it just makes sense that you go with the best possible lawyer you can find and not just the first one who decides to represent you.

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