EXPLAINER VIDEOS: Worth Investing! Price Doesn’t Matter!


What is an Explainer Video?

These kinds of videos have a set of moving pictures, either animated or recorded live. They intend to showcase a brand or give awareness to everyone who is in the discovery stage.

Although they can have a different purpose depending on the situation. It is a convenient way for people to be educated about a certain product or service. Plus, explainer videos are perfect to place a compelling call-to-action.

I have also written a good definition of an explainer video in some topics if you want to read it. But a lot wants to get more details to the phrase, Explainer Videos: Worth Investing.

Are they really worth investing on? Of course, they are. But I want to give you more details about it and convince you. Let’s try and remove your doubts about getting an explainer video for your business.

I’m sure the reason why you found this article is because of the phrase: Explainer Videos: Worth Investing. So, let’s get more to it.

EXPLAINER VIDEOS: Worth Investing! Price Doesn’t Matter!

What does it take for a certain product to be worth it? There are surely a lot of things. It might even depend on who will receive the product. Some might look for quality, others may be looking for just the purpose of that product or service.

Also, it’s only natural since explainer videos are mostly availed by business or startups, they will have a lot of questions that will professionalism in mind. This is the reason why it takes a lot of convincing for some.

There is also the fact about the price, everyone, I mean everyone, will always think about the price. It’s only logical.

Think of the ROI (Return of Investment)

Giving something away in hope that you gain something back, that’s it’s the concept of what is called “investments”. No one wants to shell out money for a service that will not show results or give benefits.

Business minded people always think about the results in the long run. They always ask “What will they gain in the future?”.

For explainer videos, they do not directly give you income once you show them to the public. This so-called “return” will come in a lot of different forms. Let’s try and break them down.

Compelling call-to-action

I’m referring to the way explainer videos showcase a product or service to a viewer. You can also read my article about how videos promote a product. A compelling call-to-action will encourage a viewer to take the next step and possibly become a lead.

As an extension to that idea leads become customers or buyers depending on how you nourish them. So in this concept, explainer videos became your front line in getting someone to buy or avail your service.

The Videos are yours permanently

For a certain branch of your business, this video can be yours to use permanently. It will be up to you if you want to create more videos for different areas of your business. But ultimately, all the videos you get will be yours permanently.

No one can copy of taking it from you. And there are no charges once you get it. Basically, once you get it, there are no more additional fees and it’s yours, forever. So, in the long run, you don’t need to constantly pay for someone for brand awareness.

In addition, you can read the benefits of having an explainer video.

The price really doesn’t matter

If you pay for $100 or even $10,000 for a video, this will video will get your message across consistently. It will never fail you as long as you create a very good explainer video from the start.

As long as you show it to people, you will be able to use it to its full potential. You can even adjust the video or make changes depending on the changes you make to your business.

So that means your video adapts to growth. Furthermore, I did write an explanation as well as to why videos are expensive.

Ultimately, your explainer video will be a partner to you. It can be the frontline of your website where it will consistently attract people, give you more income in the future and promote your product or service.

There are still a lot of factors just for ROI itself, but it might take me something above 10,000 words to explain them. But what’s important is for you to see and appreciate the common facts.

Let’s move on to the next point that shows something beyond ROI. This entry certainly deserves to be part of this article, EXPLAINER VIDEOS: Worth Investing!

Quality is worth the premium

What does it mean when a marketer or a customer says “paying the premium”. By definition, premium means the above average sum of paying the normal value or standard of a product or service.

Yes, quality almost always comes next to premium, especially in business terms.

Why is it worth the premium? Because the higher the amount of effort to be put on the explainer video, the higher the cost of making it. Paying professionals isn’t something simple.

We pay for their service, for their consistency in delivering the standard level of a product.

Regarding our phrase, Explainer Videos: Worth Investing, I will put it simply. If you want a quality video and the confidence that you can put this video online, then, of course, you have to increase your budget.

Increase it just to the point where it can be called availing a premium service.

In the end, if you do this. I am most certain that 90% of the time, you will receive a video worth the money. Because everything will be done as organized and with care and as much sensitivity as possible.

That is really worth the resources. It’s  just a matter of choosing the right company.

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