Explainer video: Why is it important for your Start-Up

Explainer video: Why is it important for your Start-Up

Congratulations, you were able to organize your website so far. However, will writing blogs be able to have a deal to your leads easily as you set out to?

I bet you can’t. You will always need something that catches eyeballs. For you to be guided, this blog explains why explainer video is important.

Why is an explainer video important?

Nowadays, having videos are giving a big help for any organization in the market. According to a recent study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the attention span is now about in eight seconds.

Just think about the copy on your website if it’s going to grab somebody’s attention within this seconds. Probably not. But could a killer animated video probably do that and even increase the viewer’s interest in the rest of your site? It bet.

Animated videos are not just for those with short attention spans. They’re also essential for visitors who learn better visually. According to the Social Science Research Network, almost 65% of the population are visual learners.

To accommodate visual learners on your website, it would be to separate the other half of your potential leads. A high-quality business video the best way to accommodate visual learners.

Visual learners and graphic animation probably go together. As a matter of fact, you can include everything that appeals and sinks in most within an animated video. For example, images, colours, and the likes. 

Furthermore, you can take the viewer that can help them understand your product or service in seconds.

So, how to start making a marketing video production? Well, icopify is here to help you. We offer much quality service through your video.

You can see our pricing here. Most of all, we will take in-charge of everything from scriptwriting and voice over to background music and sound effects. Contact us now to put your start-up ahead of the game.

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