5 Small YouTube Partnership Networks

If you are someone who does business online, for sure you have heard about YouTube partnership networks.

To learn more about it, you can refer to the article below.

YouTube as a Social Media Channel

Fame and Power

YouTube is a place online where people can do a lot of stuff.

Whether you are into business, entertainment, politics, government services, whatever you are in the community, or you want to increase spotify followers, you can relate to YouTube’s services.

It has millions of users and followers who are actively participating in the YouTube online events.

Indeed, YouTube is one of the most popular and powerful social networking sites today.

It’s About Time to Learn

YouTube’s Behind the Scenes

However, not all people who watch and post videos on YouTube knows what is happening inside this amazing network.

Behind the scenes are small and big channels that belong to bigger networks.

These are YouTubers who make everything work for you without you noticing them.

So if you are into business, try to pay attention and learn how these YouTube partnership networks can benefit you and your business.

YouTube Partnership Networks

Learning the Basics

What are these YouTube partnership networks?

YouTube partnership networks or MCN (Multi-Channel Networks) serve as the third-party service providers to small and large YouTube channels.

They affiliate with multiple YouTubers to provide these following services:

Although YouTube does not endorse MCN and the other third-party service providers, they have their certified service providers.

You can find the list in their Creator Services Directory.

More of the Multi-Channel Networks (MCN)

In Collaboration with YouTube Partnership Networks

These YouTube partnership networks and the MCN’s partner with brands and creators on YouTube to market.

They work to distribute contents and target to hit all the services we have mentioned above.

You cannot make money on YouTube if you do not connect with their partnership networks.

Consequently, it is a requirement. If you are into business and you want to use video marketing to make your business grow, it is a good idea.

All you need to do is to select the services that are most suitable to your channel.

5 Small YouTube Partnership Networks

1. Thoughtful Media

Is a YouTube digital multichannel network. This network is best for small YouTube channels.

Their services will benefit more of those small-scale YouTubers.

The best thing about them is that they do not have any entry requirement.

They also have a live support which is essential to those who are new in the network.

Brand deals and referrals are part of their missions when helping their member channels.

No matter what type of channel you have, you can be a part of their network.

However, they only have a 1-2 year membership contract.

2. Routenote

If you are a musician and your channel is all about music, the Routenote network is a perfect choice.

Routenote is a legally operating music distributor. They publish their music on services like iTunes and Spotify.

They are professional. When it comes to acquiring quality music, they are offering totally FREE ways to get the music that you want.

Routenote has a selection of distribution options which are tailored to suit your needs.

Also, they do not have any entry requirement. They have a friendly network community.

What’s the best about them is that they offer 100% collected revenue for their Premium members.

3. StyleHaul

Is a contemporary marketing service and media company. If you are into fashion, you have to become a part of this network.

StyleHaul has a youtube partnership networks low requirements.

Still fair enough for small YouTubers who are still starting. One good example is the number of video views.

1,000 views are allowable at StyleHaul. They also sponsor brand deals and they have quality content for diversified audiences.

StyleHaul has two main goals; 1. To bring strategic brand relationships. 2. To provide exclusive distribution opportunities.

4. Curse

This is a network mostly for gamers. Because this is probably the best YouTube partnership network, it has a high entry requirement.

You have to gain 8k views with 1k subscribers to qualify. But the best thing about Curse is that they still provide friendly services to smaller channels.

They offer a whopping 90% revenue share. They do not have any lock-in contract. Curse also has an in-depth analytics.

They get very detailed data to track your earnings, views, and other video data. 

However, when it comes to payment mode, they only accept PayPal transactions.

5. ScaleLab

If you want to optimize your content and expand your audience, you can partner with ScaleLab.

This amazing YouTube partnership network will help you maximize your impact on YouTube.

They got all you need as a member. They have very useful tools, support, community and resources for a faster success.

No lock-in contract as well. They claim to have a perfect science for you to increase your earning which they have proven to many of their members.

When it comes to originality and uniqueness, ScaleLab has connections that other YouTube partnership networks do not have.

Also, they have free access to music libraries.

Who Needs these YouTube Partnership Networks?

‘Should I join a YouTube partnership network?’

This is a question commonly asked by YouTubers who own small channels.

When you are faced to answer the question, there are a lot of things that could be running into your mind.

All you want is to bring your channel into the next level which will also benefit your purpose. Let us now see the both sides.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of joining these YouTube partnership networks?



So, ‘Should You Join?’

When considering these YouTube partnership networks, the main thing to consider is what value can the network provide you.

Remember, to be able to get brand deals, you do not necessarily need these MCNs. Without any partner, you can be somebody within the community.

If you have a clear vision and mission, you can achieve your goals.

Make A Careful Decision

Though these YouTube partnership networks have a lot to offer, the final decision is within you.

You do not have to rush in making your decision. So try to take a look at your channel first. Then ask yourself.

Does your channel really need a partnership? If it is already doing great, then it is best to decide to just go on with that you have started and enjoyed all the revenue without any obligation to share.

It’s all yours. But again, think of it carefully. It is for your own channel, for your own business, and for your own future.

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