Are Mattresses Recyclable?

One of the biggest concerns of people buying a new mattress is what to do with the old one. If you will not be moving your used mattress into another room, can you recycle it? How can you make this process of getting rid of the old mattress easier? Dreamologymattresses.ca provides some helpful insights about recycling mattresses below.

Mattress Removal Services

 A simple web search can help you find mattress removal services near you. Usually, these are junk removal services that know how to recycle mattresses. Simply do a search using the phrase “mattress removal services near me.” For only a small fee, you can have this junk removed in no time. You can also take advantage of the service visit by asking them to clear away other junk, too!

Mattress Donation

 There are plenty of people who need household objects like a mattress. This is why you can donate a used one to a charitable organization. Each type of charity has its own requirements for mattress acceptance, however.

Most require that your item is free of stains, tears or rips. The structure of your mattress should be intact, too. Some good charities to call include Goodwill Industries and the Salvation Army. These organizations even provide free pickup service in some areas.

Mattress Store Removal

 If you are buying a new mattress, your mattress store may include old mattress removal as part of their sales and delivery packages. This makes getting a better night’s sleep seamless, from choosing your new sleep surface to getting on with your life. Ask about this removal option at your mattress store.

Specifics of Mattress Recycling

 You can recycle your old mattress. In fact, it is a common practice. Recycled ones are broken down, and about 80 to 90 per cent of the materials are used for new products. The most widely used parts are the steel springs, stuffing, fabric and wood frames. Through recycling, you help reduce waste in your area landfill. Otherwise, the materials take almost a generation to decompose in the landfill.

Recycling or Donating a Mattress with Bed Bugs

 Bed bugs change how you can recycle or donate your old sleep surface. Some junk removal services still pick up these items infested with bed bugs. But you need to tell them about this issue when scheduling your service.

Some require you to have a professional exterminator treat the mattress first, then cover it in plastic. It is very important that you discuss the bed bugs with the pickup service to prevent bed bug infestation in other people’s homes.

Do I need a new mattress and to recycle my old one?

 Multiple signs can indicate you need a new mattress. Some of these are:

 There are many ways a bad mattress can affect your health. Besides physical pain and a poor night’s sleep, one of the biggest health issues related to your sleeping environment is allergies. Allergy symptoms only occurring at night may indicate your mattress has a dust mite infestation.

These microscopic creatures trigger allergies and live in the material folds of your mattress. You can breathe easier, sleep better and feel healthier just by recycling your old mattress and getting a new one.

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