4 Tips to Have Better Followers and More Leads on Twitter

More Leads on Twitter

Twitter ranks as the Top 9 most visited website, globally. With more or less 3.1 billion visitors this month only. It’s a perfect place to get more leads for your business. First, you have to get followers because that will be your foundation on twitter.

You may have noticed that followers are different from leads. Well, in the long run, followers become leads. Don’t forget that you still have to nurture your followers and convert them.

So, with this article, I would like to give you:

Tips to have more followers and leads on twitter:

Don’t always talk about self-promotion.

A lot of business promoters forget that always talking about yourself is a vice. It feels sorta good but in the end, it is unhealthy and it will destroy you. Consequently, you won’t get followers if they see that you only talk about yourself.

They may even take your account as a robot that tweets automatically. Fortunately, there is a way to prevent this. You just simply have to rid yourself of this vice. Tweet something that is not about you.

Even share tweets just for fun. Furthermore, this will tell people that you are not using twitter just to promote. Eventually, this will grow the number of your followers.

Share something that is informative.

Something informative and helpful always gets the interest of people. This is the concept of discovery. Example, you share a tweet about food. An enthusiast will always look at your tweet because they share the same interest.

Now, you incorporate your promotion in a subtle way on this tweet. Like a simple reference, maybe a link that points to you. Isn’t it a very nice way to gain more followers and promote your brand at the same time?

Looking at your tweets won’t feel like a chore. This is a sure path to promote while gaining more followers and leads. Always give them what they like and only guide them to you.

Follow back people who follow you.

This is an easy way to get more followers. Following back shows that you are not a robot and that you somewhat care. Also, following makes everyone feel good inside. Like the feeling out of 3.1 billion users logging in every month, they matter most.

In addition, this method cascades or it will have a domino effect. It means that every time you follow someone, everyone who follows them will have a chance to see you too. You will get bigger and bigger, your influence will grow and your authority will be that much stronger.

It’s like the root of a tree, the more it grows out, the stronger its hold on the ground.

Always check your followers for fake accounts.

We all know that eventually, your followers will grow to huge numbers. Consequently, a good portion of them will be robots, accounts that have auto-click and auto tweet. You don’t want this because this will surely be the death of your account.

It’s like a poison that slowly kills your goal of having more followers. In order, to keep your followers list healthy, you need to check them. Look at your list once a week or maybe twice a month. Look for obvious fake accounts.

This will ensure that all your followers are valid and that they are possible customers. Ultimately, I want you to realize that you will get more and more followers every day. But it will be up to you ensure the quality of your list.

Although not all of them will be customers. At least you removed the rotten tomatoes.

Remember, these are only tips. You can go beyond them and grow depending on you perceive the situation. Also, know that followers are different from leads. But they are almost similar in the long run.

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