10 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Video Go Viral

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Video Go Viral

What does Being Viral Mean?

Well, being viral literally means you have an infectious virus that will spread to everyone and everything. So, to make your video go viral means that everyone that has watched it will affect everyone he/she shares this video with.

It’s like a ripple on a pond, only, it keeps on getting bigger and bigger.

And your video will reach millions and millions of viewers, even someone on a country popular level. This is the reason why I will create this article. I will give you a list of tips and tricks to make your video go viral.

Although not all videos stay viral. That’s why consistently sharing new and rich content is also important.

Furthermore, you must know that there are certain types of videos. We can categorize some of them like explainer videos, whiteboard videos, animated videos, and live-recorded videos.

You must learn to utilize all of them and you will surely find ways to promote your video online. There are strengths and weaknesses for each them. Like some are more for business and some are just for personal reasons. Almost all of them, though, will give you exposure.

Want to know how to promote your video on the internet? I will give you ways to promote your video online. Hopefully, at the end of the article, I can help you promote your video and make them viral. So, let’s get right to the tips and tricks to make your video go viral.

10 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Video Go Viral

1 – Share your video on all social media platforms.

Very very simple to do. In fact, most of the social media websites already have features where you can interlink and embed the videos in all of them. Of course, you still have to activate this feature.

So, make sure you do! This will make sure that all your friends, followers and avid viewers will get to see your video in all of your social media channels. I’m sure that some of you have noticed this already.

But it’s always good to write something that is obvious. So that no one will overlook the simple details. Even for how to promote your video on the internet.

For example, Instagram has this new feature called the “boomerang video”. This type of video can be shared to Facebook as soon as you create the video and upload it. There are many things like this connection.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even LinkdIn. So make sure that you activate all of them to use fully utilize sharing.

2 – Try and utilize multiple video hosting websites.

There are thousands of different video hosting websites out there. The popular one is, of course, YouTube. But there are a lot of alternatives to YouTube. These are websites that have different audiences and different areas where you can get quality leads and become viral.

I have written an article about the different alternatives to YouTube. You can refer to this list and see the different options you have if you want to make your video become viral.

Although YouTube is the most popular, you must not forget the power of social media. There is Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But there’s a lot more.

Some people, especially professionals, prefer a community that is inclined to what they do. Like marketers for Wistia and Viddsee for filmmakers.

3 – Refer your videos to reputable Bloggers or Blog Sites.

This will be hard work on your end. But the results and benefits will be worth it in the end. Bloggers and Blog Sites are like the intermediary to the public. A lot of internet surfers or browsers out there tend to read blog articles that are relevant to what they searched about or what they want to see.

Also, it’s a good-to-know that it’s not easy to have all the bloggers show your video. Most of them will check the quality and content of what you want to share. Don’t be afraid that some of them will reject you. It’s totally normal.

Like I said, this will be much about your hard work and perseverance.

In addition, there is also no exact name I can give you about blog sites that can write or share your video. You just simply have to start by looking for blogs that are relevant to what you do and what you want to share.

The more you share you content to bloggers, the more you promote your video and make them viral. This is one of the best tips and tricks to make your video go viral.

4 – Include your video on your email campaigns.

Keep in mind that not everyone has an email campaign strategy. Although, this is very effective to make your video go viral. This will spread your video to a lot of people. Of course, it will depend on your strategy if your emails will be spam or not.

This kind of thing is common for businesses. Yes, businesses like their videos to become viral too you know. It’s an effective way to increase brand awareness.

Speaking of businesses, email campaigns are perfect for videos. Even link to your videos on your website or have them watch the video on the email directly. It will be up to you to decide.

This will surely make promote your video and make them viral. One of the best tips and tricks to make your video go viral as well is to include your video with quality content like blog articles and guides written originally by you of course.

5 – Perfect the SEO of your video.

Most forget that videos have SEO capabilities too. For some, especially for businesses, becoming viral means a constant flow of leads. And that’s something everyone solely needs for their businesses to thrive and become stable. With that said, SEOs have a critical role for businesses to become viral or popular.

With that subject, SEO for videos will have stats like alternative text or link keywords that need to be perfected. This will make sure that when someone enters a search on google or any search engine, your video will be the one on top.

Regardless if your competition paid to be on top of google search or not. It’s all about thinking of the best keywords depending on what video you are going to upload.

Also, keep in mind that google owns YouTube. This means that they have worked hard to incorporate videos into their search engine. This created a lot of opportunities for video makers who want to go viral.

6 – Thumbnails are like the cover of a Book.

Like the cover of the book, this is what people will look at first. Thumbnails help them glance at what the video is about. This also creates hype, so they will either get interested or they will just scroll down and pass by.

There are web hosts or apps that can help you decide which thumbnail to use for a certain video. This is one of the most effective tips and tricks to make your video go viral. Because people are always in a hurry.

They want something shown to them conveniently. This one of the main reasons why you want a video and they are just like the thumbnails.

Basically, the more interesting your thumbnail is, the more it will help you get those clicks and views for your video. So think of it, strategically chose a thumbnail that will show quality and get people hooked. For more clicks!

A good-to-know also before we move on is that different video hosts have different rules. For Facebook, it takes 3 seconds for a “click” to count as a “view”. For YouTube, it takes 30 seconds to count as a view.

There is a big difference and it will be up to you to learn about that rule when it comes to different video web hosts.

7 – Always try to reply to all comments ASAP.

The comment section is like the bridge from you to your followers, fans and/or avid viewers. This is you, in a way, giving back to your viewers. You are telling them that you are active and that you care about them.

You know, some viewers just go to the comment section to view other’s opinions about that relevant topic. Either way, you will still get a view if they get to watch the video because of the comment section. Seeing your comments there will get them even more interested.

To put it simply, the more people who want to see your comments section, the higher the chance those people will also watch your video. And that’s one of the solid tips and tricks to make your video go viral.

8 – Try to consistently make a video that is worth watching.

How to promote your video on the internet? Well, ultimately, you try to make something that is worth watching. I’m sure this is so obvious for some of you right? Quality and rich content videos are important for them to go viral.

Some videos go viral because of the fun and pleasure it provides to the viewers.

No one wants to watch dull and boring videos. There are certain elements you need to make sure that are included in your video. Like a call-to-action or a link to other videos. Maybe something that is just relevant and fun to other people.

What I’m saying is that there are a lot of videos uploaded up to now so there is definitely competition in this area. So people will go for something that is consistently interesting and helpful. That’s something very important to keep in mind if you want to make your video go viral.

9 – Analytics is ALWAYS important to make your video go viral.

This is more for professionals rather than casual video uploaders. Well, being viral is important for both so let’s go to being a professional for now. Analytics is critical because it will give you insight about what to do for your current and future videos.

Imagine if you can see a measurable stat that will tell you how many of your viewers stay to watch the video or just watch the beginning. You can think of strategies that will make them stay based on that result.

This is the blood that drives video marketers forward. Although this is something only professionals handle, it still is a very good way to make your video viral and get insight along the way.

10 – If you have the budget, hire a professional marketing team.


This is another tip for professionals or those who are in the corporate environment. If you have the budget, just hire a video marketing team that will handle all of your concerns about marketing.

This will give you more time and space to focus on other important stuff. And the ROI is worth it. Of course, hire someone who will give you confidence that they make your video viral.

Remember, being viral means that you will have a constant flow of leads and a higher chance for conversions. This is definitely worth it to make your video go viral. Plus, this is not the only purpose for a marketing team. There are lots of benefits and good things that will come if you have a very good team.


What do you think about my tips and tricks to make your video go viral? I sure hope that I somehow provided with some ideas for your video. It’s also good to keep in mind that you always have to adjust to this modern world we have now.

It’s modernizing so fast and if you can’t keep up, you will not be successful with the online jungle, that I am sure of.

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