You have to place an order. This is the initial step you have to take. Next step, we would require a WordPress user account. If you require any changes in your website design or any changes in layout design, then we would require the login details of your web hosting domain or the login details of your FTP account.

The cost is only $35 for almost all small, common tasks. Separate quotes will be given if the tasks to be done is a long list or if the task is a different and time-consuming one.

The support ticket will be updated once the required task is completed and one the change is visible on your website, we request your feedback. You will be given one free revision if you require any changes. Any additional revisions if required will be charged separately.

The time required to update your website is just two working days. The changes required to be made and the tasks needed to be done also determines the time required to help you get your website running. We are more than happy to help you with any urgent request in the support form.

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