Your website must be accessible to everybody around the world. Website hosting makes this possible, it is an online disk space that makes this possible. You require website hosting to create a website powered by WordPress, although it is a good idea to confirm if WordPress installation is allowed in their space.

We strive hard to keep the downtime as little as possible, we know time is money. The downtime is the time required for the DNS propagation to happen. It would be a period of anywhere between  24-72 hours. In order to make the transition easier, we would suggest getting your website migration done over a weekend when website traffic is low.

We would require complete access details of your current web hosting and the new web hosting for that seamless migration. After the migration is complete, you have to update your DNS on your account, so that the changes are complete and visible on your new web hosting.

The normal time required is not more than 2 hours for completely transferring your website from one web hosting to another. In case the size of your website is greater than 1GB, it will take at least 6 hours to do the data transfer and another 24-72 hours for the DNS propagation, which can be carried out only after complete transfer of data. 

We do recommend some website hosting spaces. You can choose ionos, It is one of the best for super-fast turbo web hosting.

The cost of website migration is $85

Yes, it is possible to change your domain name by configuring your WordPress website to work with a new domain after the migration to the new web hosting.

It is possible to keep on using Gmail as your email services even after the migration if the MX records in your domain haven’t changed. We would be able to set up DNS and MX records for Gmail if you provide us with your domain access account details.

The email addresses you have created with your existing web hosting will have to be recreated with your new web hosting. Email forwarders also have to be recreated in the new web hosting. This is to make sure you don’t lose any of your emails in the existing web hosting during the migration. Getting a backup of all your email addresses and emails is a good idea. You will have to reconfigure your email settings on the new web hosting after the migration is done.

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