Your website will take a long time to load, unwanted links will keep opening up, redirects to other websites will become common, unusually high usage of server space can be seen, and low website traffic is some of the many signs that your website is hacked.

The time taken is a minimum of 24 hours. The removal of your website from the blacklist will take a longer time, anywhere between 24-72 hours.

We require the WordPress administration account details and your website hosting details.

The cost of our malware removal service is $95

We provide you with a 90 days guarantee period. If your website is reinfected in the guarantee period, we would be happy to get your website cleaned up free of cost. If the reinfection happens due to weak website hosting we would suggest using our website migration services.

Security warnings appear on your website pages if your website has been blacklisted. In order to remove them, we will submit whitelisting requests to web monitoring services. This takes 24-72 hours to process and your website to be whitelisted afterwards.

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