4 things to avoid in your company video

4 things to avoid in your company video

4 things to avoid in your company video

Want the videos we create to go viral, we want it to be for the right reasons. This is especially important when we’re working with a business that has a reputation to protect.

There’s nothing worse for a company than their video being mocked by the crowds of the internet. Here are 4 things to avoid in your company video.

1. Too corporate

When making a company video, you might have a list of points you want to get across. Facts about your company and reasons people should be interested in working with you.

However, you need to get this across in an engaging and entertaining way. In this era of media overload, no one wants to spend their time watching a long boring promotional video, but if it’s fun and creative, it can be a much more enjoyable way to find out about a company than reading an ‘about’ page.

2. Novelty trends

You may have seen companies such as Google and Southern Water spark interest online by joining in with viral video trends such as the Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style.

This only works if you get involved right, and the video is executed without making your staff look unprofessional. A failed attempt at jumping on the bandwagon will only make potential customers and clients cringe.

3. No call to action

If you make a great promotional video, the viewer will be feeling positive about the company. If you don’t make the most of this moment by encouraging them to take an action, such as make an inquiry or a purchase, the effort you put into making your video has basically been wasted.

End the video with a friendly, helpful suggestion towards the action you feel is most natural and beneficial to both your company and the viewer at this stage.

4. Too promotional

Nobody watches adverts by choice unless they work in the advertising industry. If you want people to watch your company video, then it should be informative and entertaining.

Persuade people to follow your call to action not by asking them to, but by showing them why it’s a good idea. Show your product or service in action, and engage the viewer by making them feel connected to your brand.

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